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Try for additional daycares that may not end up on my list for one reason or another. My list is comprised of day cares I have heard positive feedback on. Bay Ridge Family Day Care 424 76th St 718-748-9330 Bay Ridge Play Place the Inc 345 91st Street Brooklyn, NY 11209 718- 921-3959 Beansprouts 453 6th Ave (Park Slope) 718-965-8573 Ages 2-9 to afterschool.  You can do part-time or full-time. Application deadline is January.Beansprouts was founded in 1980. Our founder, Sue Weinstein worked as the head teacher from opening day until June 1989. Since then Sue has moved on to become the Executive Director of Beansprouts. Caryn Klein-Cardieri joined the Beansprouts family in September of 1985. Caryn started as a head teacher and has for the past several years been our Educational Director, growing with us to make Beansprouts the curriculum rich, activity filled program it is today. Beansprouts has grown over the years in height, weight and numbers. Our teachers guide each of our children with insight, skill and energy. Our specially selected staff provide a caring supportive environment that enable our children to flourish.   Park Slope Schoolhouse 556 Fifth Avenue (at 15th Street) Brooklyn, NY 11215 718-768-4873 Ages 1-4, Available 5 days per week     Chickpeas Preschool 211 8th Ave (at 4th Ave) Brooklyn,NY (Park Slope) 718-788-6604 Congregation Beth Elohim Early Childhood Center...

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