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Book Review: How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk

Adam Hannon reviews How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. There are a lot of parenting books out there, and most of them have some pretty good ideas, but some books really stick with you. I actually read this book in a pedagogy class before I had any kids of my own, but now that I am a parent I have found its lessons to be very informative, useful, and even inspiring. A few of the points that I always come back to are as follows: It...

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Dairy Sensitive Breastfeeding: What About Goat Cheese?

This is the first in a short series of articles on being vegetarian and breastfeeding a dairy sensitive baby. It is first hand experience and should not be considered medical advice. These were taken from the anonymous blog: Soy and Dairy Free Mom. No Chicken I am a vegetarian who is avoiding both soy and dairy because I am nursing a baby with a sensitivity to the proteins. Not sure if it is one or both, but I stopped both just in case. While searching the web for others like me, I found there weren’t many women with this...

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Why Are We OK with Calling Some Kids Gifted and Talented and Others Not?

This is one of my more humiliating middle-school memories: I’m wearing a vintage Victorian dress with a tight neckline that’s nearly choking me to death. My sweaty fingers are clutching a piece of fudge, smearing chocolate all over the white lace. It’s sixth grade and I’m eleven years old, doing my best to survive my Gifted and Talented class’s field trip to Galveston, Texas. Please pardon the humble-brag. Yes, I was in the G&T program, but I don’t remember feeling particularly Gifted as I trudged around with my classmates to see Galveston’s historic Victorian buildings, dressed in suffocating historic...

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A Rainy Day Visit to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum – Dia de los Muertos Edition

My daughter and I were inside feeling a bit restless and trapped due to so much rain. This was Halloween weekend, but almost everything was cancelled due to the rain and possible flash flooding. So I checked the A Child Grows Calendar for something to do. We decided to go to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum for the Dia de los Muertos festival (even though it isn’t technically the Dia de los Muertos). I knew it would be crowded, but I was hoping there was enough going on the same day that it wouldn’t be impossibly crowded. We ended up...

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