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8 Reasons Grandparents are the Greatest

Having kids makes you appreciate your parents in completely new ways, but the most important is as a grandparent to your little one. Here are 8 reasons that grandparents are the greatest, in no particular order. Free babysitting (and they love it) Amusing and sometimes fantastic gifts They find things from your childhood you completely forgot about but still love Always happy to give advice (this can be both good and bad) Their home becomes the new vacation destination They provide important genetic information (although sometimes a bit late: “you had that exact same issue”) Your kids get a...

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Marmalade – A Sensory Theater Experience for Kids

Marmalade – Created by Claire Parsons – New Victory Theater through Nov.19, 2017 – Photo by Mats Aasman courtesy of Claire Parson, Co. It is rare that I trek all the way to midtown, let alone with the kids, but something in the description of the Swedish production of Marmalade intrigued me. A circus-like, sensory show (they call it a soft circus) for kids 1.5 to 4 years old sounds wild. Its 30-minute run time seems short when compared with the trip there, but the truth is that is the upper limit of my two-year-old’s attention span. That is...

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How to Deal with the Dreaded “Why”

“Why is the dog barking?” “Why is that house yellow?” “Why can’t I eat my Halloween candy for breakfast?” “Why did our dog die?” These questions have nothing in common, except that they are all things my four-year-old daughter asked me while I backed out of the driveway this morning. If you have a  preschooler and feel like your days are an endless barrage of questions, you are not alone. According to research, children between two and four years old ask an average of 76 questions per hour. This can be overwhelming, no matter how patient or committed you...

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NY Kids Club Opens New Location in Dumbo

SPONSORED (Content provided by NY Kids Club): Opening in January 2018 at 30 Pearl Street, the new NY Kids Club Dumbo location will be an impressive 8,400-square-foot center with five classrooms and a state-of-the-art gym space. NY Kids club is New York’s premier children’s enrichment and space, renowned for creative and innovative kids classes, day camps, birthday celebrations, and special events! Through innovative classes, creative camps, one-of-a-kind birthday celebrations and events, our academic approach inspires each child’s inherent love of learning in a fun and energetic environment. Our unique and original curricula provide children the opportunity to build confidence...

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Cloth Diapering without a Service

Megan is an Expert on cloth diapering, baby wearing, and doulaing (is that a word?!) She is a fantastic resource who has a lot of experience both with laboring women and postpartum care.  I have seen her in all her roles and she knows her subjects thoroughly.  Lucky for us, she is going to be guest blogging for us twice a month and sharing her wealth of knowledge. A lot of parents want to use cloth diapers but are intimidated by it, (and grossed out perhaps) by doing it themselves.  Megan makes it sound easy with her instructions below....

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