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Unique Holiday Traditions Invented by Families

Unique Holiday Traditions Invented by Families

The holiday season is filled with traditions, such as hanging stockings.  But many families create traditions of their own. Some families choose to do so because they are interfaith or not religious, while others simply want to do something entirely their own during the holiday season.

Christmas Pajamas

Michelle Robertson’s family holiday tradition is letting her kids open one present on Christmas Eve – new pajamas. Everyone wears their new pajamas to bed and through the opening of presents on Christmas morning. Now that her children are 13 and 15, they choose pajamas for their parents each year.

Edmond-ize the Chocolates

Felicia Edmond’s family has a funny holiday tradition. Everyone brings a box of assorted chocolates to the extended family holiday gathering, but they eat the chocolates by poking their fingers in the bottom, digging out the middle, then putting the remainder back in the box. “It started because my grandparents would only let their children have one chocolate each. Being mischevious kids, they would dig the middle of the chocolate out from the bottom and then replace the empty shell,” Felicia said, “Somehow, it stuck!”

Sunset S’Mores

Elle Wilkie and her family celebrate the Winter Solstice and burn a Yule log every year. When her children were toddlers, she and her husband decided to make s’mores and drink hot cocoa around the Yule fire. During this time they talk about their favorite moments from the previous year.

What I Love About You

When Leigh Erickson was ten she wanted to give all her family members gifts. She wrote one thing she loved about each of them on a piece of paper and slipped it into their stockings. The next year, her parents encouraged the all their children to participate in this unique Christmas tradition. Now Leigh continues the tradition with her children.

It’s not too late to make your 2018 Christmas unique with a new family tradition. It can be silly or sweet, but the best way to ensure it becomes a tradition is to keep it simple.