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I am NOT a Mommy Blogger

I am NOT a Mommy Blogger

I took over A Child Grows in October with the goal of continuing a neighborhood resource, an institution, and a community. It was news to me that some people would consider me a “mommy blogger”. I honestly had never even thought of such a thing. I can’t cook. I don’t decorate, not really. I don’t even fold my clothes (if you can’t hang them then they must be stuffed into the drawer somehow).

In high school I managed to get out of Home EC by saying that I really wanted to take Advanced Chemistry and there was no other time I could do it. Really. And the big secret, just now revealed, I didn’t really want to take advanced chemistry…I just needed a way out of home ec. I was sure I would fail home ec. I had a chance with the chemistry.

When I heard that I was a mommy blogger, I decided to look at some mommy blogs for ideas. There are lots of different kinds. Some have some really great stuff. I really like some of them. I wish I could make some of the things they do or do the crafts…not sure I have the skills. Maybe I will try.

But the glam ones are the most interesting. I would say that my “favorite” is probably the woman who looks like a super model, has professional and airbushed pictures of herself all over the site, and claims that she is too frazzled being a mom to sleep. Is that a joke?

This is what a real mom who works full time (or mom) and has a toddler looks like: no airbushing required.. just naturally perfect.

I think we have established I am not a mommy blogger. And I don’t write a lot of the articles on this site either, but I do solicit them, edit them, revise them, and sometimes conjour them into existance. It isn’t always easy, but I enjoy it. You won’t find a lot of pictures of me or my kids here, but you will find useful and local information by members of your community.

So, what is my point? My point is that you should subscribe the mailing list… wait, no really. That is the best way you can support us. Subscribe, come to events, check out our sponsors, stay engaged…also, forgive the occational typo. I don’t get a lot of sleep.





Glam photo by nic