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Great, Inexpensive Gift Ideas for 2018

Great, Inexpensive Gift Ideas for 2018

We aren’t doing a full gift guide this year, but here are a few ideas that may help with your shopping. The list includes a couple of local ideas and some non-Amazon online shopping that benefits a greater good.

My Favorite Local Gift Stop

I love the Community Book Store on 7th Ave in Park Slope over the holidays. They give great advice with the perfect small, bookstore vibe and they gift wrap–for free! I usually make a few trips, but they also deliver nearby. For those people who live further South, try the sister store: Terrace Books on Prospect Park West.

For people who don’t read, try wine at Big Nose Full Body on 7th Ave and 12th St. This is the best wine store for affordable, but still really good wine in the area.

What Your Pregnant Friend Really Needs But No One Else is Buying

A gift certificate to diaperkind (for Brooklyn), your local diaper service, or just these diapers. Why a cloth diaper service even if you are not doing cloth diapers? Because NEWBORNS are messy. They poop and pee everywhere. Those cloth diapers are great for clean-up, changing pads, spit-up rags, the works… and with a service, someone else cleans them!

Super Fun 2018 Gift Ideas

This Lego inspired cup would be good for any serious nerd and this water-based, non-toxic nail polish is great for anyone who hates the toxic awfulness of nail polish but wants to paint their fingers for fun sometime. I have used the nail polish and the lighter colors work well. Plus it is fun to peel off.

Local, Yet Online


Nice, hardcover blank journal sold by Big Wonderful Press (a small press in Brooklyn) is great gift for any tween or teen who likes to write.


Do Gooder Gifts

Tie from Nomi

The Nomi Network’s Buy Her Bag Not Her Body store. They have all k

Infinity Scarf by Nomi

inds of gifts handmade by women in India and Cambodia at risk or survivors of trafficking.




They even have mens things!




Or check out the World Wildlife Foundation‘s cool gifts that benefit endangered animals around the world.

Adopt an endangered animal virtually through the World Wildlife Foundation



*Disclosures: We may get a percentage from Amazon purchases. The owner of A Child Grows, also owns the small Brooklyn press, Big Wonderful Press. We get nothing from the local or do gooder suggestions–I just like them.