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Monster Trouble! Our Favorite New Book

We checked out Monster Trouble! by Lane Fredickson from the Park Slope library just before Halloween, but soon discovered it was in no way a Halloween book. It’s an everyday amazing monster trapping book.

Winifred Schnitzel isn’t afraid of monsters, she thinks they are cute, but they will not let her sleep. So she tries a series of solutions and finally finds the right one with a cute accident. Winifred is strong, tough, but also really challenged by all the moaning and growling all night long. Even when her carefully constructed spook traps don’t work she doesn’t give up. The monsters even bring snacks!

My daughter and I love the fun rhymes throughout, hilarious pictures, and our new activity: counting the eyes on the monsters.

The solution is sweet and may even help kids sleep.


We have also been reading Rosie’s Magic Horse by Russell Hoban. This book takes some getting used to. It is strange, sometimes wonderful and sometimes questionable, but it grows on you. There is some stealing, but it is from bad guys, and there is some stickling (tickling that happens via stick). The best thing about this book is the full embrace of imaginative conceit. If you can suspend your disbelief, it is really fun. This book should really be called Stickerino.