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A Rainy Day Visit to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum – Dia de los Muertos Edition

A Rainy Day Visit to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum – Dia de los Muertos Edition

My daughter and I were inside feeling a bit restless and trapped due to so much rain. This was Halloween weekend, but almost everything was cancelled due to the rain and possible flash flooding. So I checked the A Child Grows Calendar for something to do. We decided to go to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum for the Dia de los Muertos festival (even though it isn’t technically the Dia de los Muertos). I knew it would be crowded, but I was hoping there was enough going on the same day that it wouldn’t be impossibly crowded.

We ended up getting there too late to enjoy most of the calendar, so we did a lot of the regular museum stuff–after all, it was all new to us.

But we did do some Dia de los Muertos art and hear a wonderful story by Yuyi Morales.

Tips for visiting the Brooklyn Children’s Museum any day:

  1. Bring dry clothes – the super popular, crowded water table is awesome, but the smocks don’t really do anything to keep anyone (including you) dry
  2. Bring a plastic bag – there are many amazing sandboxes…with different color and sometimes sticky sand. Unless you want that sand all over your house, bring a plastic bag to store shoes and clothes until you can shake them out and wash them.
  3. Bring healthy snacks and eat them before you go in and after you leave – unless you are in the mood for food similar to a ball game or arcade–they do have some organic juice
  4. Don’t miss the live animals hiding all about. We saw an iguana, fish, a tiny lobster, some gross giant roaches, and a snake
  5. Drive the bus. There is a bus replica kids can pretend to drive. There was a line.