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A Visit to the Cat Cafe

A Visit to the Cat Cafe
My 1 1/2 year old absolutely loves cats. She sometimes speaks entirely in a language of meows. We have many cats in our home, but none of them are technically alive–they are all stuffed. Their names are not terribly creative either, Baby Kitty, Momma Kitty, and just Kitty to name a few.
So, naturally  I thought that the cat cafe would be a big hit. I thought it was an actual cafe and maybe I could get coffee. I was pretty wrong about that. It is probably a health department violation to mix food and a few dozen cats.


The cat cafe had no coffee, but they did have kittens. We paid our $10, signed our waivers, and I went straight to the cutest baby kitty. I could hold it in my palm and be happy all afternoon, but my daughter was much more interested in the cat toys.


Sticks with feathers on the end, sticks with ribbons, a ball on a stick…basically anything on attached to a stick she loved.  She ignored the cats.
My husband wanted to leave after only ten minutes, and I reluctantly agreed.  Maybe she was just too young. In any case, we were glad to support the cause and hope someone adopts the great cats they have there.  They currently have hurricane Irma evacuees for adoption! Some of them have also become friends with rats, which is weird by maybe cool?