Shelly reviews Kelly McNelis’s book in advance of the release of Your Messy Brilliance: 7 Tools for the Perfectly Imperfect Woman


In addition to being the author of Your Messy Brilliance, Kelly is also the founder of Women for One and a mom to three children and stepmom to three more. The book is not your typical self-help book about staying positive; it includes practical exercises as well as ways to embrace the darkness in your life through truth. I read her book and spoke to her about it as well.

She is a very sincere believer in all the tips and steps in the book–she has done them herself. She encourages women to be truthful with themselves and well as speak the truth publicly as many women oo on her website Women for One.


I think the truth is a powerful healer but is also a power provocateur and weapon. Sometimes you need that provocation to get “unstuck” as Kelly might say, but like any good weapon, use it responsibly.