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Your Birth Story, as Experienced by Your Midwife

Your Birth Story, as Experienced by Your Midwife
The mother in this photo is not the mama I sat birthside with last night. After coming home from this birth I HAD to put down on paper what unfolded as it was still pumping through my veins and wanted to have its way with me still. As it so happens in birth, there are moments so raw and alive that once witnessed, the images leave marks on one forever. The mother last night – she is in all of us. She has capacities that when tapped open release a flood gate of power and purpose. She is alive and well inside of you mamas. Meet her in the fire and she will whisper secrets to your soul. She will NOT be stopped. It is your birthright.

By Aleksandra Evanguelidi, LM CPM
I left my lovers bed last night,
unable to sleep a wink.
No surprise there,
for while I pretended to find comfort in my sheets,
you were singing your moans to the moon.
I was waiting for you,
waiting for your calls to reach my bedside,
telling me it was time to come.
You didn’t want me to touch you when I arrived.
Your mind
and your mood
were poised to keep yours safe,
no intruders welcome.
It wasn’t until later that you pulled me in.
Your silent words demanded I stay close,
sometimes like an anchor for you to hold onto,
other times to be a buoy to float you up.
I met you with presence.
Having sailed this ship with other voyagers before,
I knew what you didn’t-
that the wild fern you’ve harbored inside you
would soon bring you forth
to the zenith of your journey.
The wave itself would crest and spill over onto Neptune’s masses,
as your tears,
your fears,
would be the holy baptismal of hope.
Your eyes searched for the way through,
reaching inside me for secrets
that through each breath
you were discovering all on your own.
Your lover basked in awe and stillness at you;
as you thrashed with the chaos and freedom of the ocean
he stood witness to all of your expansions
and contractions.
A million mysteries revealed themselves in these moments, swirling through you,
through me,
and through She that you carried within.
she emerged through your portal
cloaked in pearlescent caul,
contained within the field that held her.
As you delivered your own child,
she reached for you.
I saw her reach for your lips again mere
moments after she was born- is that you?
As though that which was spoken through so many nights in waiting,
it was the sound of your voice
and the promise of a life together
that brought her forth.
This. Birth. Breathtaking, life giving. There are a million journeys to the same destination.  Lucky am I to be the witness.
I am a terrible sleeper anyways.
After a night of doing you-know-what.

Aleksandra Evanguelidi is a Licensed Midwife in Los Angeles and has been working her own special kind of magic for 20 years as a priestess and ambassador of the Sacred. She has been specializing in preconception and the postpartum periods, supporting families attaining the highest levels of vitality prior to conceiving and helping them recover from the rigorous demands of pregnancy and birth. She can be reached at


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