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Parking in Brooklyn Made Easy

Parking in Brooklyn Made Easy

SPONSORED POST: The Co-Founder and CEO of DropCar, Spencer Richardson, talks to A Child Grows about their expansion into Brooklyn and why it’s one of the best apps on the market for busy parents who own cars.

What is DropCar?
DropCar is a one-stop solution for parents with cars in New York City.  We recently expanded throughout Brooklyn, and we now provide a full-service “Car Concierge” to Brooklyn-based parents, taking all of the hassle out of owning a car in the busy borough.  We offer on-demand, door-to-door valet parking, in addition to taking care of all of the other car-related needs like getting gas, car washes, maintenance and more… all at the click of a button.

What are the main features of the DropCar App? 
We offer two convenient and cost-efficient services:
·  “STEVE” – Our monthly parking membership starts at $349 per month.  We provide a valet to pick up and drop off your car when and where you want, storing it in one of our garage facilities when you’re not using it. The valets will even help you get all of your kids’ toys into the car!
·  “WILL” – Our personal on-call chauffeurs/valets are available anytime and anywhere in New York City for a flat fee of $15/hr. We can even drive your family to the airport in your own car!

Why is DropCar useful for busy parents?
Convenient: Our complete car concierge (DropCar 360) is a door-to-door service for a suite of auto-related needs (car washing, maintenance, repairs and filling up with gas).
Safe & Comfortable: Our valets will make sure your children’s car seats are properly installed for your trips to ensure that your children at safe at all times.
Cost-Efficient: We do not charge any oversized fees for parents with SUVs, saving you up to $750/year.

Can you tell us about the safety of DropCar for customers with children?
We utilize cutting-edge mobile app technology and a rigorous training program to ensure valet /chauffeur efficiency and safe practice.  Zendrive technology is implemented, using sensors on a smartphone to measure and improve driving behavior.

Let DropCar take the wheel. Download the app on iTunes or Android, or call the support line at (646) 342-1595 from 7am to midnight, 7 days a week.

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