Here at A Child Grows, we’re are over-the-moon excited to host our first FREE webinar on Wednesday, April 19 at 9:00pm EST, featuring Miss Megan. Miss Megan is founder of The Miss Megan Effect, a sleep coach and expert in positive discipline. 

Put on your jammies, settle in with your laptop and your partner in parenting crime, and learn more about Miss Megan’s secrets for a successful bedtime for your little ones that will actually beget sleep! 

Read on for more information about the webinar and register today! 

7  Secrets For Sleep-Time Success

  1. Ditch the long drawn-out bedtime routine in favor of an effortless exit strategy/micro routine.
  2. Debunk the myth of the “regular strict bedtime”.
  3. Learn how to keep your child from waking up on “the wrong side of the bed”.
  4. Craft the best combination of sleep associations for your child—the ‘super secret key’ to sleep-time success.
  5. Discover what they’ve been showing you all along—tips for tuning into your Child’s organic inner wisdom.
  6. Create peaceful nights of tranquil sleep for all! Mantra Sleep Solutions™ IS IN and “CIO” (cry-it-out) IS OUT!
  7. Pick an all-star sleep team: Tips for how to create a sleep savvy back up team (Experts like Miss Megan, extended family members, spouses/partners, master babysitters, and friends who owe you favors).

Ditch Long Bedtime Routines
Does getting your child to sleep peacefully seem like a struggle? In this webinar, Miss Megan teaches the benefits of ditching long, drawn-out, bedtime routines in leu of a quick and easy micro routine! Mantra Sleep Solutions™ empowers infants and babies as young as 3 months old to children 8 years of age to willingly “Choose Sleep”!

A Sleep Plan That Actually Works
Miss Megan’s simple sleep strategies will guide you to create a more resilient, adaptable and flexible sleeper. You will gain tools for building and maintaining trust, and learn why following your child’s cues will naturally show you what’s most effective.

Wake Up Happy
Finding that your child woke up on the wrong side of the bed will be a thing of the past with Miss Megan’s Proactive Sleep Coaching! Mantra Sleep Solutions™ creates happier more well adjusted children. Both infants and children are equally capable of realizing that they can “choose sleep” as well as “choose happiness”! Ultimately, your little ones will soon thrive and easily adapt to change, be calmer during the day, and more well adjusted in the long run.

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Miss Megan is the Owner and Founder of Conscious Proactive Parenting™ and Mantra Sleep Solutions™. She is an innovator and an expert in her field. Her unique and creative methods of focusing on positive discipline and proactive (non-CIO) sleep training have serviced families within the greater New York City area and worldwide for over a decade. In fact, Miss Megan has been a Governess for over fifteen years and has extensive experience working with children in a wide range of settings. Miss Megan is also a Montessori trained Directress, a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, successful Life Coach and Mommy of two small cuties.