Month: April 2017

First Foods: Peas, Carrots, and Stain Stick – Oh My!

Starting your wee ones on solid foods can be a minefield. And everyone has an opinion about how you should go about it. We’ve been there. So we asked Certified Holistic Health and Integrative Nutrition Coach, Jen Khalaf of Thrive Hive Wellness, to share her advice on the subject.  So your child is ready to start solids? Great!  Pull up your rugs and stock your cabinets with baby Oxyclean – life is about to get very colorful! Introducing solid foods is an exciting (and potentially exhausting) milestone. I’ve gone down this road twice and had two very different experiences.  I’ll try...

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Weekday Events in Brooklyn & NYC: May 1st-4th

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend with your family and ready for another fun week here in Brooklyn & NYC. This week take the kids and enjoy the opening of Governors Island, Treehouse Shakers: Olive & Pearl at BAM, a Hopalong Andrew Singalong in Underwood Park, May the 4th be with you Movie – Rogue One at the Ulmer Park Brooklyn Public Library, CityParks PuppetMobile: Cinderella Samba at Brownsville Recreation Center, ArchForKids presents Superslides at the DeKalb Brooklyn Public Library, Parents’ Schmooze at Brooklyn Heights Synagogue, Basketball Clinics in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Star Wars Day! at...

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Weekend Events in Brooklyn & NYC: April 28th-30th

Hi everyone!  The last weekend of April is a very busy one here in NYC! This weekend take the family and enjoy three events at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts.  Check out the Tenth Annual National Grid Earth Day Celebration at the Great Artist Plaza and Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters: An African Tale and The Golden Dragon Acrobats at the Walt Whitman Theatre.  Also happening this weekend is Sakura Matsuri 2017 at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, The 9th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival at St. Ann’s Church, Puppetry Arts 5th Avenue Family Festival, Events for Youth & Families: Biscuit at...

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Tips for Juggling Work & Kids

Photosanity‘s Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick shares her thoughts and advice on the age old problem parents face.  Going back to work after having a baby is tough, whether it’s been 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years. Unfortunately, corporate culture here in the US does NOT make it easy. The fact that the US is the only industrialized nation without mandated paid family leave speaks volumes. We are finally starting to see a small glimmer of hope as California, New Jersey and Rhode Island provide partially paid family and medical leave, and New York will be soon (in New York and...

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6 Family Goals That Foster Togetherness

These days our family time can be fragmented and lack the quality we all deserve. How do we change that? Our friends at BusyKid have some tips for family goal-setting that can help. Setting goals as a family opens up several learning opportunities as parents and children learn and accomplish together. Working together toward a common goal can open the discussion about the importance of serving others, being a team player, saving money, and being responsible citizens. Your family will grow closer as you develop important values together that will stay with you and your children throughout your lives. Here...

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