The owners of Little Seeds of Park Slope preschool talk to us about their new location, whole child approach, and new Mandarin immersion options in their curriculum.

What should our readers know about your preschool?

Little Seeds of Park Slope is a new Montessori-based, all-day, year-round program, for children ages 2-5, with Mandarin-immersion options available: we offer full-time English, full-time Mandarin-immersion, and English/Mandarin dual language immersion. Our highly-trained, nurturing staff members are each dedicated to caring for and supporting our children each day while they learn, grow, play, and explore.  We also have a Carroll Gardens location that has been operating successfully for eight years. Little Seeds of Park Slope preschool is dedicated to promoting the development of confident, multilingual children who possess an awareness of and respect for cultural diversity. We strive to foster self-sufficiency, critical thinking, and independent learning in each child.

Could you tell us about the core values of your preschool?

We are committed to nurturing and developing the whole child. We value each child as a unique individual with his or her own learning pace and style, and social and emotional needs. Our approach using the Montessori method instills confidence and engenders enthusiasm and joy for learning.

We believe in creating  community and family at school. Our multi-age classroom re-creates the family structure. Older students enjoy stature as mentors while younger students receive extra support and gain confidence. Our teachers model respect, kindness, and peaceful conflict resolution.

Little Seeds Park SlopeCould you speak about your multilingual approach and why it’s important?

We believe in multilingualism. Language immersion education benefits intelligence, cognitive development, verbal and mathematical problem solving, and language acquisition skills, which is why we offer Mandarin immersion options.

We also strive to celebrate and foster multiculturism. Our multicultural setting and curriculum serve to enhance each student’s respect for diversity and ability to thrive in our diverse world.

What is the admission timeline and are you accepting new applicants?

Little Seeds of Park Slope preschool is accepting applications for rolling admissions and offering an introductory rate for parents who enroll before April 15th.  Parents should email us at for details.

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