For parents with young children, child-proofing is imperative, especially when it comes to technology.  The devices in our homes are wide open to hackers, and our kids are vulnerable to some sites with dangerous content.  Enter Roqos, the first Wi-Fi router service that provides cybersecurity, parental controls and easy home networking, with Roqos Core the most powerful router ever made for homes.  Roqos keeps user data confidential and  is the only router that can detect ransomware, malicious software created to block access to a computer system until a ransom is paid.

Roqos Core cybersecurity

With customizable parental controls, parents can set predetermined filters to limit their children’s access to specific websites or games and to a particular weekly schedule from anywhere in the world.  Automatic updates provide consistently reduced risk against potentially harmful software, viruses, attacks, and advertisements.  Roqos Core comes in a playful ruby, cream, or teal helping to add a splash of color to any room in the house. Upcoming features include real-time activity monitoring, where you can find out what your kids are doing online in real-time and internet usage history, where you can learn how much time your kids spend on the internet and what sites they go to.

Roqos is a subscription-based service that equips users with a scalable Wi-Fi router with enterprise-grade cybersecurity protection and management by mobile apps and web browsers.  Service plans include either a month-to-month fee of $17 with a one-year commitment, a full year of service for $219, or a lifetime subscription offer of $595, and are available on

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