Month: February 2017

You Have Done Something Amazing: Preventing and Healing From Traumatic Birth

No matter how a woman delivers her child, she will come out of the experience with lots of feelings about the process. Many women struggle with birth trauma and its repercussions. Philadelphia-based doula and childbirth educator Brittany McCollum of Blossoming Bellies Wholistic Birth Services discusses birth trauma and ways to prepare for a satisfying birth, as well as resources and guidance for those who struggle with negative feelings about their birth experience.  In an ideal world, all women would come out of their births feeling amazed at what they have done, feeling love and devotion towards the little person whom they have brought into the world,...

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Preparing for the Transition to Elementary School

It’s hard to believe, but we know many of you are already thinking about that big transition from the cozy preschool world into the “big kid” realm of elementary school. It can be a lot to digest for a parent, but we have you covered with some great tips from Photosanity founder and Brooklyn mom, Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick. We’ve been talking about the elementary school application process for the past couple of weeks, both how to choose a school, and how to survive the acceptance process. We’re going to round out this series by talking about the transition that...

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Finding (Or Creating!) Your Working Mom Posse

If you’ve had a baby already, you understand how lonely the entire after-birth experience can feel. Add a busy work schedule to your newfound motherhood, and it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed. Why not employ some of these extraordinarily valuable and comforting techniques from author Lori Mihalich-Levin, JD, who is an expert at guiding new mamas to a calm and successful maternity leave.  Though you’ve literally just grown another human being and added another living, breathing member to your household, having a baby and taking maternity leave can be a strikingly isolating experience. Yes, there’s another person around. But...

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Weekday Events in Brooklyn & NYC: February 27th-March 2nd

Hi everyone!  We saw so many snowdrops and crocuses last week.  The weather has been so nice that it is hard to believe that it was February and now the month is over this week. This week head out with the kids and enjoy Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats at the Midwood Brooklyn Public Library, Singalong with Hopalong Andrew at Brooklyn Music School, Sing and Move! Movement Infused Sing-a-long at Monkey Do! Yoga, Stomp, Clap & Sing with Conroy Warren at Central Brooklyn Public Library, More than Just Story Time at LuLu’s then & now, 2s / 3s Spanish...

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Dressing Your Home Happy For The Spring

Spring is definitely in the air, even if it still seems far out of reach (though the warm weather this week is confusing). Contributor Hilary Smith has some easy ideas for bringing the magic of spring foliage into your home. Thankfully, the drab and dark chill of winter will soon be overtaken by sunlight and pastel pops of flowers and greenery for spring. March begins spring blooming and the return of longer daylight and warmer temps, and I am counting the days for the return of one of the best seasons of the year. To march with style into...

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