Have you ever fantasized about taking a few great cooking classes just to brush up on your culinary identity, now that you’re a parent? Perhaps you’re tired of the mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, steamed veggies, and oatmeal that life can so easily revolve around now? We all want to offer more to our families, but it’s sometimes overwhelming when you’re stealing a free moment flipping through piles of unread issues of Bon Appetit. Well, now you can mobilize and consider a cooking class in Brooklyn to help you focus and hone your skills. Feel empowered and at ease in your kitchen! It’s time to take charge. 

Mukti’s Kitchen
Learn to cook healthy, Indian food here! People love these classes and rave about how everyone bonds during their cooking sessions. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free classes are available too. Mukti Banerjee also has a lovely blog, if you’d lke to learn more about the culture and culinary inspirations for her classes. Classes are approximately $95 each. Email muktiskitchen@gmail.com for more information. 816 Beverley Rd/(917) 703-3998

League of Kitchens
Billed as “an immersive culinary adventure in NYC where immigrants teach intimate cooking workshop in their homes,” League of Kitchens sounds amazing. Upcoming  classes include: Argentinian, Nepali, Japanese, Bengali, and Uzbek cooking. You and five others will be welcomed into the home of a remarkable cook who also happens to be an immigrant. This is more than just a skills class, it’s a conversation, an experience, and an act of cultural immersion. After your workshop, you’ll take home a book of the chef instructor’s family recipes and a shopping guide! The New York Times says, “It’s a culinary cultural exchange without a plane ticket.” Classes are around $175 • info@leagueofkitchens.com

Green Apron Kitchen
This is a true family destination, offering classes for children, mommy and child, family, and adult BYOBs. Green Apron teaches the art of scratch cooking, and has children in mind at its core, so consider bringing them too! Classes are around $50 • 7122 Bay Parkway • (718) 676-4792

The Brooklyn Kitchen
This fascinating food store also offers a host of classes every month, ranging from basic knife skills to cocktails and pig butchering. Additional offerings include including fresh pasta making, soups and stews, the Julia Child Supper class, and much more. You can even take an advanced techniques class here from a butcher, and learn all about deboning a chicken! Classes run at around $95 each • classes@thebrooklynkitchen.com • (718) 389-2982 • 100 Frost Street 

(Tip: There’s a class on the 21st of January called Cooking for Your Baby that is only $65)

Purple Kale Kitchenworks
This place is one-of-a-kind. People praise the lead teacher, Ronna, for her talent in making them approach cooking in a whole new light. Purple Kale’s  lasses include meal planning, improv cooking with what you have, and opening up your ideas for what your meal can include. Classes start at about $165 • info@purplekale.com • 250 44th Street • (917) 297-9709

The Center for Kosher Culinary Arts
Want to take incredible cooking classes in a completely uncompromised kosher environment? Look no further! The CKCA has been the go-to place for Kosher cooking in Brooklyn for many years, and is here waiting for you. 1407 Coney Island Avenue • (718) 758-1339

Milk Bar
You can master making the uber yummy treats in the famous Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook here!  The super team may also teach you some new recipes as well. This class is focused on the cookbook, so either bring your own copy, or purchase one there. Groups of five can register at once, or you can also register as an individual for $95. 55 Hope Street • (347) 577-9504, Ext. 0 • Contact Form

Rebecca Conroy has been a Brooklynite for 20 years and is the mom of two kids. She works in photo and film production, and has a rich history in the visual arts.