Winter is here to stay for a while, and that means snow! We’ve got you covered if you want to venture out for some sledding fun with the kiddos. Check out our favorite Brooklyn sledding spots to enjoy the winter wonderland.

(Don’t have a sled tucked away in the closet? Most neighborhood mom and pop hardware stores have them. Tarzian Hardware in Park Slope carries them, as does Pizzazzz Toys on Court Street, where you can see them hanging outside everyday. You can try KMart in the city, or, you are brave, you can try the Target near Barclay’s, although we offer no guarantees that they will have anything you actually need. You can also try Amazon same day delivery, of course!)

Prospect Park has multiple great sledding spots. Here are a few of our faves:

  • Near the Tennis House at Prospect Park West and 9th Street.
  • In the meadow off Grand Army Plaza.
  • Behind the Picnic House at the Third Street Entrance.

Plus, we have a more detailed list of options in this massive 526 acre neighborhood park!

  1. The Nethermead- Picnic House area
    This favored location in Prospect Park has great sledding hills and can get crowded. The best hills are next to the picnic house. For the hills by the picnic house, enter at Prospect Park West and 3rd Streets and head southwest along West Drive.  Directions: F Train to 15th St./Prospect Park station • 2 or 3 Train to Grand Army Plaza station • B-68, B-69 or B-75 Buses to Prospect Park West and 9th Street
  2. The Long Meadow Slope Near the Tennis House 
    This nice hill, next to the tennis house is a popular spot. Head to 9th Street, off of Prospect Park West, then walk towards the interior of the park and cross West Drive to the Long Meadow.
    Directions: F Train to 7th Ave station or 15th St./Prospect Park station • 2 or 3 Train to Grand Army Plaza station • B-68, B-69 or B-75 Buses to Prospect Park West and 9th Street
  3. Vanderbilt Playground
    The sledding hill is across from the playground and right above the lake. It isn’t too steep or crowded. Head to Prospect Park Southwest and Vanderbilt, and head towards Prospect Park Lake. This location is right off of Prospect Park Southwest, so it’s good for little ones as it’s not too far of a hike into the park. Directions: F Train to 7th Ave. Station • 2 or 3 to Grand Army Plaza Station
  4. Maryland Monument
    Enter at Prospect Park Southwest and 16th Street and proceed across to Wellhouse Drive. The slope is by the bridge and is pretty steep. It’s better for school aged kids. There are stairs there to aid in climbing the slope. Directions: F Train to 16th Street
  5. Breeze Hill
    It’s north of the Concert Grove past the Oriental Pavilion. Walk up the hill and point your sleds south towards the Wollman Rink. It’s lightly trafficked and short but fairly steep. Best for kids eight and above. Directions: Q or B train to Prospect Park station

Fort Greene Park feels like one giant hill. But don’t try to sled down any steps (unless there’s enough snow – see below)! There are about 4 sides to the hill so it never gets too crowded. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. The small hill nearest to the Willoughby entrance off Myrtle is small and best for the littlest in your family. The slope ends in a nice snow field where others are building snowmen and trekking to and from the playground. However, there is a lampost to watch out for but it is often surrounded by hay bales to protect sledders.
  2. The steepest area is at the top of the hill by the monument on the stairs (yes, on the stairs!). If there is enough snow, the 3 sets of stairs leading up to the monument from Myrtle Ave are covered. The “run” is down all 3 sets of stairs. There is a plateau at the end of each one so that if you are able, you can stop yourself from going all the way down to the bottom. Otherwise, be prepared for a hair-raising ride.  This is not a hill for the faint of heart. Many adults won’t go down it, but kids ages 4 years and up (including ours) do go down with their parents nonetheless. You may see snowboarders here too!
  3. There is a hill on the backside of the park that leads to Myrtle Avenue. This hill is not as steep, but still a good one.
  4. The most popular hill is by the tennis courts.  It’s a nice wide slope, so multiple sleds can go down at the same time. There are some obstacles to avoid: lamp post, tree and recycling area. The park usually covers these with hay bales to prevent injuries.

Hillside Park in Brooklyn Heights is a mini park tucked away between Columbia Street and the south side of Vine Street with some great sledding options.

Clumber Corner is a nice sloping corner as its name suggests. It’s located near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) and at the corner of Washington Street and Prospect St. has a great photo of it. The slope is steep enough that makes it fun and slopes toward Washington Street which has parked cars, so it’s not dangerous. Directions: F to York Street, 3 blocks down York, left on Washington St 1 block • A or C to High Street, Cadman Plaza East, go under the Brooklyn Bridge which is the corner of Washington and Prospect.

Lincoln Terrace Park in Crown Heights has 17 acres of park! It is bounded by Buffalo and Rochester Avenues, adjacent to the Eastern Parkway Service Road. For a less crowded sledding experience, take the 3/4 train to Utica Avenue and walk one block to Rochester Avenue.

McKinley Park in Bensonhurst is breezy, but a great little park for sledding! Enter at the corner of Fort Hamilton Parkway and 75 Street. When you’re done sledding and frolicking in the snow, warm up with some delicious wings and a beer over at Bean Post Pub (7525 5th Avenue).

Owl’s Head Park is located at Colonial Road and 68th Street in Bay Ridge. The hill is at Shore Road and 97th Street, and its pretty steep. Take the R to Bay Ridge Avenue, walk due west to 68th street and Colonial Road, and you’ll find the somewhat hidden (but sprawling) Owl’s Head Park. When you’re done, warm up with a cup of hot chocolate at The Coffee Lab (6903 3rd Avenue).

Sunset Park, in the neighborhood that bears it’s name, is one very long, uphill walk, from the R line on 4th Avenue, but the park offers a lovely view of the Statue of Liberty. This hill is short but fairly steep. When you’re done, grab a coffee and a snack at the very cozy Cafe Zona Sur (4314 4th Avenue).

Rebecca Conroy has been a Brooklynite for 20 years and is the mom of two kids. She works in photo and film production, and has a rich history in the visual arts.