Check out our rundown of where to go to chill out and have brunch with your kids in Brooklyn during the holiday break and beyond.

560 Manhattan Ave. Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222
(718) 349-3859
The pinball machine is always a hit (and mysteriously survives forever on one quarter), as is the gigantic glimmering camel the wall. A loved place by many a Brooklyn parent!

Naruto Ramen
276 5th Ave. Park Slope, Brooklyn  (between 4th Ave. and Garfield Place)
(718) 832-1111
Who doesn’t love a tried and true ramen place with or without the kids?


Calexico, Greenpoint
645 Manhattan Ave. Greenpoint, Brooklyn
(347) 763-2129
Always a favorite because their genius attention toward the mix of keeping both the adults’ and children’s needs balanced- amazing burritos, coloring books, and incredible service all make it a family favorite.


511 9th Street, Park Slope Brooklyn 11215
(718) 499-1966

230 5th Ave. (corner of 5th and President) Park Slope, Brooklyn 11215
(718) 230-5551

Dizzy’s is known to just about every nanny, parent, and family member of small kids in Brooklyn. Sure, peas and carrots with buttered pasta might not be your dream brunch, but they have plenty for adults to love too. What’s great about Dizzy’s is that it caters equally to both parties, and kids really love it.


Cafe Mogador
133 Wythe Ave. Brooklyn 11249
(718) 486-9222
Perhaps you have fond memories of the East Village Mogador from twenty years ago? Well, the Williamsburg location brings the old one to its knees and back again. They love kids and don’t bat an eyelash at the mess they make. A wonderful location and healthy menu full of everything we love in the way of salad, chicken, and fish.


12 Chairs Cafe
342 Wythe Ave. Williamsburg, Brooklyn
(347) 227-7077
What’s so special about this place? Well, you can get french fries as easily as a couscous platter, or olives and soup with a hummus plate. Children are always welcomed, and the interior design is lovely.



298 Atlantic Ave. Boerum Hill, Brooklyn 11201
(718) 852-8758
Mouth watering hand-made, wood oven cooked pizzas (including a gluten free option) and an arugula salad (among others) to die for. For dessert, kids and adults alike love the frozen orange or lemon that comes with sorbet inside. This place rocks. And will totally put up with your crazy kids, all with a smile.



Putnam’s Pub & Cooker
419 Myrtle Ave. Clinton Hill, Brooklyn
(347) 799-2382
Putnam’s is a mostly casual, yet absolutely dapper spot for a nice, stress-free brunch in Clinton Hill. Popularly known as a pub, its food and dining contingency is just as formidable.



85 Broadway, Williamsburg Brooklyn 11249
(718) 486-3077

Maybe this spot isn’t necessary to explain due to its overwhelming and everlasting popularity, but a total treat! Get ready to draw on your paper table covering and swoon over the food in ways you can only hope for. The warmest staff and coolest old diner car will envelop you.


Franny’s Pizza
348 Flatbush Avenue
(718) 230-0221
Franny’s is a perennial favorite for all Brooklynites. It’s simple, seasonal Italian makes it super popular with the parenting set.

105 N. 5th Street, Williamsburg Brooklyn 11249
(718) 963-0608
An austere space, and a traditional old-school example of what a restaurant can be. Sweetwater used to be an old tavern for many decades, whose history is still entrenched in the walls.

Rebecca Conroy has been a Brooklynite for 20 years and is the mom of two kids. She works in photo and film production, and has a rich history in the visual arts.