Is there a new or expectant mom in your life? Are you still struggling with a gift for her? Contributor,  Nature School of Philadelphia co-founder and mama of two, Sarah Kurliand shares her top picks for “must haves” for that special mama.

Breastfeeding Support
If the mama in your life plans to breastfeed, there are some products that you’ll want to make that experience more comfortable for her.

  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter: Nipples crack, sometimes bleed and generally hurt for the first 2 weeks of breastfeeding. Nipple butter will help! Earth Mama Angel Baby’s product is soothing, doesn’t sting like some other brands and is GMO free (per the Non GMO Project verified sticker).
  • The Boppy: I recommend getting an organic cover for the Boppy breastfeeding pillow. This awesome c-shaped pillow helps mama and baby get into a good position for feeding and is cozy. The organic cover is super soft and washes well.
  • My Brest Friend: This is also an option that provides more back support and more of a hard surface for baby to lay. It has a pocket to store snacks or anything else you might need (I pretty much use it for snacks!) and hooks around your back so you can move around if you want.
  • Cozy Robe: I like this one from Nordstrom, but anything easily accessible for nursing, and light weight because—let’s be honest—post partum sweating is real. It’s the perfect item to pack for delivery and after.

Most newborns like to be held during the first 3 months outside the womb (also known as the fourth trimester) as they adjust to the outside world and moving their limbs around. If you need to use your arms and especially if you have more kids, baby wearing will save you. There are a TON of carriers available out there and I found that it depends on the mama/baby preference so I encourage you to find a local baby wearing group and try some out. Here are the ones I like best:

  • Baby K’tan: This was perfect for the first few weeks as it is super easy to throw on and go. With out long fabric pieces and complicated knots, it kept baby tight and snug to my body in fetal position like he wanted to be. We went trick-or-treating in this at one week old with big brother and it was great. Sizes run small and do stretch out so I recommend buying a size smaller than you might think you need.
  • Solly Baby Wrap: This one is a lot like the Moby wrap but a lighter fabric, great for warmer months. It’s also a wonderfully affordable price point, making it a great choice when your’e trying to economize.
  • Chekoh: This is my absolute favorite! Not only is the tiedye indigo design gorgeous (in my hippie opinion) but the bounce in the bamboo fabric allows some give so baby can feel snug but still move around a bit more than the Moby.
  • Moby: My old friend, the classic Moby, will always be near and dear to my heart. Perfect for hikes and colder months due to the thick fabric.

Trying to figure out how and where to sleep with a newborn can be exhausting. There are a lot to choose from: cribs, bassinettes, Moses baskets, rock-n-plays, bedsharing, etc.

  • Rock-N-Play: Fisher Price’s Rock-N-Play was perfect for our reflux baby as it held him in a position that was more comfortable for his little belly. It also hugs them on the sides so they feel like they’re being held more. It’s also lightweight and can be moved easily.
  • Plum & Sparrow Moses Basket: Not only is this beautifully handmade and one-of-a-kind (you can design your own colors!), but it’s great for napping all around the house or outside with it’s lightweight material.
  • Aden and Anais Muslin Swaddles: These lightweight swaddles are perfect for everything from burp clothes to swaddles, to ad hoc changing pads to blankets when baby is bigger. AND, they last forever.

My Miscellaneous Favorites

  • The Motherhood Collection Washcloths: I recommend these for every single person I know. The are the softest things I’ve ever felt and who wouldn’t want to wash your baby with that?!
  • Orgotten Maternity/Nursing Cardigan:  I picked this up Minnow Lane, a local family boutique here in Philly’s Fishtown neighborhood (they have an online store as well). This buttery soft cardigan is perfect for pregnancy and nursing afterwards. The best part is you can plant the clothing tag and wildflowers will grow!


Sarah Kurliand is a Wife/Mama/Yogini/Writer who spends her days adventuring around the Philadelphia area with her crazy boys. She is the Co-Founder of The Nature School of Philadelphia and is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, discovering new places & living a life that leaves the world better than the way she found it.