This year, you can still help fight hunger and send a timeless “season’s greetings” at the same time: Food Bank For New York City, the city’s major hunger relief organization, has designed customizable holiday cards, the proceeds from which go to providing meals to New Yorkers in need. These holiday greetings can be purchased as both printed copies, and e-cards. They cards feature a beautiful winter cityscape, with a Food Bank For New York City truck en route to delivering life-saving meals. The full amount of the purchase ($55/ 10 printed cards and $250/50 printed cards) is tax-deductible. These cards capture the giving spirit of the season.

Prices are as follows:

$35 can help feed a child for close to 2 months.

$65 can help provide an elderly couple with food for nearly 8 weeks.

$120 can help serve 600 fresh meals at a soup kitchen.

$500 can help provide meals for a family of four for seven months.

Please consider donating to this most meaningful cause now, and help make many peoples’ season bright who truly need it! Card donations can be found here.