Your baby goes through incredible changes during the first months of life, and you get a front-row seat for all the giggles, games, and growth spurts. Whether you decide to breastfeed, use formula, or a combination of both, you want to make sure your baby is eating enough and getting all the right nutrients for development. But sometimes trying to figure out this balance can feel like a guessing game with way too many questions.

Which formula is best for newborns or 6-month-olds? How are they different? How much is the right amount? What’s the best way to supplement breast milk with formula?

The list goes on… but thankfully, there’s a new system that helps free you from that guesswork. BabyNes by Gerber is an intuitive solution that’s designed to meet your baby’s needs at each stage of development. It lets you make the perfect bottle in less than a minute, with the touch of a button (fantastic news in the wee hours of the morning!).

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How It Works

BabyNes was developed to be the next best alternative to breast milk. It offers 6 different formulas that evolve based on what your baby needs at different ages and growth periods. Each formula is inspired by breast milk and how it changes in composition throughout baby’s development. For example, during the first month, your baby grows faster than any other time period, and this formula gives an extra boost of protein. And by 7-12 months, your baby will be starting to eat solid foods as well, and this formula adjusts for the transition.

To use the BabyNes system, you place a capsule of formula into the machine; each one is BPA-free, hermetically sealed, and printed with a barcode. The machine reads the code and automatically adjusts the temperature and the amount of water to prepare a perfect bottle for your baby. It uses a filter to keep the water free of bacteria, and it transfers the formula into the bottle without any contact with the machine.

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Why It’s Unique

The BabyNes system adapts right alongside your baby. You can rest easy knowing that each bottle is tailored to what your child needs at that moment. BabyNes formula is scientifically designed to be similar to breast milk, and it uses Gerber exclusive Comfort Proteins, which are small and easy for your baby to digest.

The system is also convenient and a snap to use, even while holding a fussy baby or fumbling in the dark. It has easy-to- read LED lights, so you can see what you’re doing at night while keeping the baby calm. Other handy features include a safety temperature setting, an adjustable base with 5 heights, a non-slip surface, and a tank that fills multiple bottles.

The system has built-in Wi-Fi, so you can sync it with your device and monitor information on the go. Set up feeding alerts, track your baby’s nutrition and growth, place new formula orders, or receive custom nutritional advice.

Check out BabyNes! It’s available online, at Amazon. It’s also for sale in-store only in the New York City area, at Buy Buy Baby and Giggles.

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