We worked with contributor Jocelyn Greene to bring you this sweet piece on connecting without words with your child, which is not only healing and therapeutic, but fun and a wonderful way to bond. Enjoy!

It is time to come together and do some healing.  I’m not sure how to do this on a national level.  But I do know how to do this in my living room.

Welcome to Game Day – the weekly update from Child’s Play in Action featuring a theater game you can do at home with your children.  This work is taken from the classrooms of Child’s Play NY and my own experience as a mom .  They enhance our kids’ mindfulness, strengthen social-emotional and executive functioning skills and give us parents a formula for FUN.

This week we play Magic Mirror.  In literature, mirrors are portals into other lands – just ask Lewis Carroll. Kids understand their magical potential. When setting up the game, you don’t need any materials, just a willingness to listen from a kinesthetic place and to communicate openly with your partner.

This game connects us with our kids in quiet and reflective bonding time. It is great as a bedtime wind-down or as a reason to put down our devices and play with our kids.

Our collaborator, Developmental Psychologist, Dr. Belinda Bellet from Brooklyn Heights Behavioral Associates weighs in on why the game promotes mindfulness and increases positivity in our parenting (hint: it’s all about the neurons in the brain!).

Choose a “leader” and a “reflection”, set up a scenario (morning routine, acting like an animal, etc.) and trade off mirroring each other. Relaxing music sets the mood.

Watch this to see how to play:

 So, let’s come together for some Magical Mirror. Chime in and let us know how you played with your child. See you next week for another game!

Jocelyn Greene is a Brooklyn based educator, director, and mom. With her company, Child’s Play NY, she teaches hundreds of kids a year and partners with the top-tier schools in NYC to bring theater into their classrooms. She is equally joyous adapting fairy tales for 4s as she is staging Shakespeare with the teens, but she mostly loves playing at home with her son. Check out Child’s Play in Action for video tutorials of game-based play to do from the comfort of your living room!