We love what Mom in Balance is doing for mothers all over Brooklyn (and even farther!), so we wanted to touch base with them before the complete feeding frenzy begins for the holidays. This Ab-Workout from Verena Schiml (Mom in Balance Trainer in the Netherlands for over 4 years who has now brought the franchise to New York City) is one that moms can do at home or in the park within a simple 10-15 minutes. Easy as pie (like the kinds you’ll most likely be eating for the next month). It’s totally great for strengthening the abs and back; as we all know- having strong abdominal and back muscles is very important. It will not only ensure that you get better at the sports you do, but will also definitely help you in everyday life. Lifting, cycling and working behind your computer becomes a lot less stressful when you have a strong core! Here’s what Verena has to say:

Research has found that doing crunches, in most cases, just creates a bulging belly. If you really want a nice flat stomach, you will really need to train your core, in addition to adjusting your diet. By allowing the muscles to work together they reinforce each other and you get the best results.

Many women have a mild diastasis (opening between the abdominal muscles) after their first pregnancy, and after a second or subsequent pregnancy chances of a diastasis are getting bigger and the recovery becomes slower. It is therefore important not to train the abdominal muscles by themselves, but together with all of the core muscles. So all the exercises are only core exercises.

As always, listen to your body, do what feels right, do not force anything, rest when you need to!

One last tip: For your best results, keep the shoulders back, your back straight, your bellybutton in and buttocks tightened throughout the exercises- and keep on breathing!

Watch this video for exactly what to do:


Here’s an image to summarize it up:


If you are interested in joining the Brooklyn workouts and would like to receive the latest information about the start of Mom in Balance New York, please send an email to verena@mominbalance.com. 


Verena Schiml