With parent-teacher conferences happening in NYC schools this week, many parents are finding out that their children are falling behind or in need of extra attention in some subjects.  Pencil Sharp Tutoring Services, a Brooklyn-based tutoring service for children of all ages, now offers academic tutoring and art classes to help children reach their full potential.

Are parent-teacher conferences adding more stress to an already stressful holiday season? Is your child’s report card not showing the grades you know she/he is capable of receiving?  For students whose needs are not being met in the classroom, Pencil Sharp Tutoring Services partners with clients to develop effective strategies for individual educational achievements.  We create unique teaching plans for each of our clients, to equip young minds with the skills they will need to succeed both in and out of the classroom.

Steeped in the simple philosophy that a good education is a fundamental aspect of success, Pencil Sharp Tutoring Services was founded on the principle that learning should be made both as uncomplicated, and fun as possible.

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Pencil Sharp Tutoring Services was founded by Professor Tony Williams with the express intent of pairing young scholars, both gifted and struggling alike, with top­-notch instructional specialists dedicated to creating a comfortable, caring and learning-centered environment.  A Brooklyn native himself, Professor Williams has taught and tutored in the local community for over two decades, building strong foundations for long-term academic aspirations.

In addition to covering core subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Science, Pencil Sharp Tutoring Services offers private and group lessons in the Arts and Performing Arts. It is our firm belief that cultivating the potential of future artists, musicians and performers is just as important as getting our future mathematicians, scientists and writers on track.

If you are seeking private lessons to supplement your child’s education, give us a ring – we’ve got our pencils sharpened, and are always ready to help!  While we develop our primary location, our professionals are available for house calls and for sessions at all Brooklyn Library branches!

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