Halloween is right around the corner, (as stores have all been so kindly reminding us. Children cherish these seasonal milestones, and we want them to have a blast. But do you feel overwhelmedand unsure of how to embrace the crafts and decoration-making that always go along with Hallows’ Eve? Here’s our Halloween Survival Guide for Lazy Parents.

We love the look of these and the artistic process it ignites (and it’s totally easy). Use washable paint and have fun with redecorating the entire appearance of a room with these special pumpkins.


Ciera Design Studios showcases these asymmetrical, modern designs, with a tutorial, here.


A Night Owl explains how to get these neon paint dipped pumpkins here.

Looking outside of pumpkin painting? Check out these options!

Simply stick in a totally wonderful vintage-y poster for each holiday, and you’re all set.


Cavallini & Co. Vintage poster kit


Never underestimate the power of a good mask! It pretty much makes the costume, plus they make beautiful wall or table decorations. There’s no need to buy masks when they are so fun and easy to make, but if you must, Etsy has some great, unique options.


These uber simple, spooky bats are so simple to make and exciting to hang up everywhere! By sheer volume and repetition, they make a total holiday statement on a wall. Here are the directions.


Decorate your door in style! Could this be any more minimal, but effective? Your kids will get a kick out of seeing their door transformed into a monster, every time they approach it. here are the directions.


We love these paper mice decorations. Bring a little laugh out of anyone who sees them. Directions from Martha Stewart are here.


What can you do with all of your delivery boxes? Whip out some kid’s paint and go for the gold! Change any space into a “Boo!” moment. We found this picture on Nifty, Thrifty and Thriving and we love it.


Have a spook-taculous good time, everyone!