Month: August 2016

Teach Your Children to Handle Emergencies Without Scaring the Bleep Out of Them

Discussing possible emergency scenarios with one’s children is never a pleasant topic. Parents do not want to frighten them or create new anxieties. Dr. Sanam Hafeez is a New York City based Neuro-psychologist and School Psychologist who has an approach to emergency preparedness that won’t freak your children out. Tell children an emergency is something unusual that happens which could hurt people, or cause damage to things like houses and cars. Explain to them that nature sometimes provides ‘too much of something’ like, rain, wind or snow. Talk about effects of an emergency that children can relate to, such...

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Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World

We are all wondering how we can properly manage our kids’ digital lives; everyday the issue creeps up when they pull out the pad, phone, or get in front of a computer. An innocent game, texting with close friends, etc. But there’s often a whole emotional component involved that we would be wise to pay attention to and be with them about, when they need to know they are loved. This book is a wonderful resource for parents raising kids of all ages. Take a look at what it’s all about: Screenwise is a must-read for all parents. With...

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Back to School: Sending Off the Worry Bug

It’s that time of year again and we’re all getting ourselves ready for the back-to-school transition. It’s not always easy, so check out these tips from family therapist Kathryn Snyder of Parent to Child Therapy. Fading light, a chilling breeze, cool mornings, sneezes, turning leaves. I can be quite wistful at this time of year, filled with nostalgia and even longing for my long-gone school days. However, I step back from this dreamy feeling to remember that with this changing season comes the air of anxiety for kids and families as they head off into their new school years....

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Weekday Events in Brooklyn & NYC: August 29th-September 1st

Hi everyone This is last full week of Summer break for NYC public school children!  There are lots of fun events happening this week if you are in NYC. This week be sure to check out Stomp, Clap & Sing with Rolie Polie Guacamole at the Central Brooklyn Public Library, CityParks PuppetMobile: Puss in Boots in Cypress Hills Playground, Hudson River Park’s River Rangers Club at Pier 25, Children’s Basketball in Rockefeller Park, CantaEspañol at Gumbo, Bubbles the Clown at the Windsor Terrace Brooklyn Public Library, Summer on the Hudson: Human Chess in Riverside Park and CityParks PuppetMobile: Puss in Boots...

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“How I Create a Toon Book”

Have you ever wondered about the creative processes of the children’s book authors you love? How do they get their messages completed, from being merely vague ideas to works on your bookshelf? Well, we’ve already introduced you to the absolutely wonderful world of children’s book illustrator Geoffrey Hayes almost a year ago. His work has charmed and wowed us for years; now he’s coming out with the sixth Benny and Penny book entitled, “How to Say Goodbye,” this Fall 2016. As Hayes explains, “It’s a book about dealing with death, which I think is an important topic for young children....

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