Our “A Child Grows” owner gives us the lowdown on ARROJO salon in Williamsburg. 

I moved to New York in spring of 2001 – before 9/11, before the iPhone, even before Amazon was a profitable business. Any place changes a lot over 15 years, for sure, but has any neighborhood transformed quite as drastically as Williamsburg? Remember how there used to be no chain stores there, and people used to wait for hours to get a table at Sea, and all of us knew someone who was living in (and likely being booted from) a 2,000 sq. ft. raw artist’s loft? Those are my nostalgic days in NYC. Before marriage, before kids, before the rent was too damn high.

SHK16001_ARROJO_26My kids go to school in Williamsburg now, so even though I don’t live there, I spend a lot of time in the neighborhood. I marvel at how family-friendly it’s become, while staying hip and young at the same time. Sometimes I feel like I fit in, and other times, not so much. And even though the chain stores and restaurants have moved in, I still love the vibe there and am always discovering something new and wonderful.

One of my best discoveries in the past month is ARROJO. At the time I became aware of ARROJO, their Williamsburg salon had just celebrated their one year anniversary in their new space under the Williamsburg Bridge. I don’t watch reality TV, so I didn’t know who Nick Arrojo was, or anything about his multiple NYC salons or cosmetology campus. What I learned very quickly about him is that he is famous, well-respected, and very successful. I also learned that they wanted to increase the visibility of their Williamsburg location, especially within the parenting community, so when they invited me to a salon experience, I jumped at the chance.


I’ve been getting my hair cut and colored for years by the same woman who did my hair and makeup for my wedding in 2007 – very cheaply (by NYC standards) in her home on the Upper West Side. In the past 9 years, I’ve been to a salon maybe two or three times, but I know that this sweet deal I have going with my “hair lady” cannot continue forever, and I don’t want to have extreme roots and have to scramble to find a good colorist. Thankfully, I now know a stellar place that’s within walking distance from me that provides not only an amazing customer experience, but also excellent results. ARROJO was everything I needed and wanted from a salon, with the only downside being the NYC salon price tag.

When I arrived at their impressive loft space for my appointment, I met Clare, one of the lead stylists, who would be doing my cut. She got me settled and introduced me to Zach, my colorist. I showed him several pictures from a magazine of styles and colors I liked, and we decided on doing my roots in my natural color, followed by balayage to lighten up the overall tone, with a few foil highlights around my face. The color processing took a couple of hours, and afterward, Zach decided to do a gloss treatment to soften the highlights, which took another 30 minutes.


When the color was done, Clare used a razor to do the cut. I have extremely thick hair, so when I grow it long, I need an expert for the cut, to take off the weight and keep it looking healthy. The cut took about 45 minutes, which was then followed by blowdry and style.

The full treatment took exactly 4 hours, which is about an hour longer than it would have taken me with my usual stylist; however, the commute to Williamsburg for me takes FAR less time than commuting to 96th Street on the UWS, so my total time spent is nearly the same. This treatment was complimentary, but had I paid for it (and when I go back in the future), the color treatment was $270 and the cut $100. Including a 20% tip, that’s an out of pocket expense of $445 (Ouch!). I’m pretty skilled at touching up my roots on my own with a box color kit, so it’s not a price I’m willing to pay monthly, but a few times a year is doable. At the end of the day, this is New York City, and most of us are willing to pay NYC prices for quality services.

Here’s the end result:

Mom2_cropped med res

I was extremely pleased with my results and will absolutely return in the near future for an identical treatment. Thanks Clare and Zach, and special thanks to ARROJO for being a supporter of A Child Grows!

–Kim Janulewicz, Owner of A Child Grows

Photo Credit: All salon photos by Stylish & Hip Kids Photograpy




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