We were lucky enough to ask Devon Barber, the Assistant Director of Camp Kodiak, some questions about the camp. As one of the best sleepaway camps around for those with and without special needs,  Kodiak is also known for its kindness and ability to work with children via nature and the healing powers of the great outdoors (and an amazing staff).
Tell us about Camp Kodiak
Camp Kodiak is a residential summer camp for children and teens with and without Learning Disabilities, ADHD and High-Functioning Autism. We offer an amazing summer camp experience that includes a non-competitive approach, an optional academic program and an integrated social skills program.
What benefits to children gain, in your opinion, from a sleep-away camp?
Summer camp offers children an opportunity to learn and grow in a very socialized setting. At Kodiak, we foster this growth, and strive to see significant social maturity in our campers over the course of their stay with us. We regularly hear back from parents who are amazed and proud of the steps that their campers have made as a result of their time spent at camp. As our slogan says, Kodiak really is “a place to grow.”
rock climbing
What sorts of activities do children do there, and is it OK if a child doesn’t know how to swim 100% perfectly yet? (as so many New Yorkers don’t)
We have over 50 exciting activities at Kodiak, including horseback riding, sports, waterskiing, sailing, pottery, stained glass and many, many more! We offer Red Cross swimming lessons as part of our program, and no swimming experience is required before coming to camp. Campers go home with a progress report that details the swimming skills that they have worked on, and gained during their lessons so that they can continue lessons when they return home, should they want to.
water sports
What sort of staff do you have with the children?
Our staff is one of the important differences between Camp Kodiak and other summer programs. Unlike most other camps, we have a 2:1 camper to staff ratio. About half of our staff are professionals –  certified teachers, child and youth workers, social workers and others who work with children throughout the year. The rest of our staff are university students that are working towards a career in one of these fields. All of our staff are very mature, caring individuals, who are truly committed to providing a fantastic summer experience to our campers. Our campers are supervised 100% of the time, and so parents can rest-assured that their children will be well looked after while they are at camp.
Can parents visit and/or send packages?
We welcome parents to visit the camp on drop-off day, and have a tour of our facilities. We also have a Visitor’s Day halfway through the summer for our 4 and 7 week families, where each camper is part of a musical production, lunch is served, and there is an opportunity to see campers participating in some of our activity areas. Parents are welcome to send emails, letters and packages throughout the summer.
What separates Camp Kodiak from its competitors?
At Camp Kodiak we set our campers up for success. While we offer a traditional summer camp experience, our programs are specifically designed to foster social growth in our campers. Our staff are mature, caring individuals that both have great experience, and go through specialized training to prepare them to work with us. Last year we celebrated our 25th summer, and over the last quarter century we have provided a home away from home for hundreds of campers from across the world. We are so excited to meet with new families, who are looking for a summer camp where their exceptional child can learn and grow.
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