Month: March 2016

Weekend Events in Brooklyn & NYC: April 1st-3rd

Hi everyone, The first weekend of April is packed with lots of fun events for the children! This weekend head out and and enjoy Shira & Friends Family Rock Concert at the Central Brooklyn Public Library, Baseball / Softball Opening Day Parade in Park Slope/Prospect Park Bandshell, Little Laffs at the Jalopy Theatre, City Stomp Concert At ShapeShifter Lab, ScrapKins Junk Re-Thunk Book Release Party at BookCourt, BRIC FamJam: Not Your Typical Family Portrait, LC Kids Artists at the Atrium: Aaron Nigel Smith at the David Rubenstein Atrium, Thalia Kids’ Book Club: A Celebration of Beverly Cleary at the...

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The Commedia Cinderella

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the theatre! Bam! Another fairytale! Performed in  Commedia dell’arte style, the troupe of  poor “Italian” actors bend the rules yet again: Cinderella, joined by a crazy roller skating fairy godmother in full drag, and a posse of furry friends, learns that true  beauty lies within herself and not  in  fancy clothes  and  expensive shoes;  that it’s ok to #BeWeird.  Her  newfound ally helps her overcome  ongoing  negativity  from her overzealous “toddlers  and  tiaras”  wannabe stepmother and snarky stepsisters.  But don’t get it twisted, as playwright  Sam  LaFrage likes to say “this ain’t no Oprah after school special y’all; it’s funny!” The Commedia Cinderella The SoHo Playhouse | 15 Vandam Street, New York, NY 10013 April 16th–July 16th Every Saturday at 11 am Ticket Prices: Children...

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Is 4 Too Young To Start An Instrument?

No way! And here’s why: Kurt Cobain started playing piano when he was 4. Mozart got his first violin at age 4. Ed Sheeran started singing in his local choir when he was 4. How about your kid? As the Creative Director of Free Spirits Music in Prospect Heights, parents are always asking me this question: “Is my 3/4/5 year old too young to start playing guitar?” We’ve all heard about the Suzuki Method. Kids as young as 3 years old are encouraged to learn violin. It’s one of the only solutions out there, but plenty of families aren’t...

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Healthy Cooking and Grocery Shopping Skills for Low-Income Families

Six weeks is all it takes to make a significant difference in the life of a hungry child, according to a new report from No Kid Hungry. A new study by an independent evaluation firm shows that No Kid Hungry’s Cooking Matters program – a six-week cooking, shopping and nutrition course for low-income families – has a powerful and sustained impact. Families report shopping smarter, eating healthier, and preparing more meals at home even six months after completing the course. What’s more – they no longer regularly worry that their food might run out each month. Recipes that the...

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Easy Cafes in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill

You’re in Clinton Hill or Fort Greene. It’s a weekend morning, perhaps after a ballet, soccer, or gymnastics lesson. Maybe you’ve just gone to the playground, or are on a sanity/fresh air walk with a small baby. Your child is begging for a treat, or you’ve needed a coffee for hours- or both. Welcome to parenthood. Here’s the direct list of the easiest places to go and get your fix: The Annex 753 Fulton Street, Fort Greene Brooklyn, 11217 AMAZING menu, excellent atmosphere (if you can get a table), and top-of-the-line coffee. This is affiliated with The Green Grape, so Fulton...

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