New York City has its very own Maria Von Trapp, known as “Miss Megan.” She is a Montessori Directress, a seasoned Governess, a Sleep Consultant, a Life Coach, an expert on Positive Discipline, and so much more. As one of the families she worked for stated about what she was able to do for their two children…

She has taught them many life skills, including (but not limited to): time management, cooking/menu planning/shopping, packing one’s own lunches, and how to keep their own personal space clean and organized.” Does this sound like any parent’s dream, or what?

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Here is some of what she has to answer to a few key questions we had for her, and please feel free to listen to her radio interview as well…All below!

1. Tell me a little bit about your story/past..

Being 1 of 5 kids, plus 5 more that my mom taught—in home, I was always surrounded by the magic of childhood and of life! My mom believed in the possibility of children, and how they can complement life. Soon, I also saw great beauty, strength, and joy in being a child’s first teacher and created a specific philosophy that has come from a culmination of my own background and training in Montessori education, early childhood education, and child psychology and is combined with my Existential Ontological Training. I’ve come from magic and seen how it works, but I take it to the next level. Because of my life experiences, I see the timeless potential so imbedded in children. Through curiosity, inspiration and empowerment, I am able to unleash this potential for parents and children alike. I do it through connection and harnessing what’s possible through gentle structure, fun educational opportunities, and simple empowerment strategies. My own two children (Haiden and Hazel) are also a testament of what is possible when living “The Miss Megan Effect,” and a clear result for everyone to see! I know first hand, that it “doesn’t have to be harder or different with your own children.” Haiden and Hazel interweave themselves with everything that I’m doing! Seamlessly being a positive extension of what I bring to the table as I journey to change parenting forever. Revolutionizing how we raise kids. In short, I’m empowering families to achieve their full potential while activating their child’s inner wisdom, and therefore building a foundation that doesn’t need to be rebuilt.

2. What kind of sleep consulting do you do, and what philosophies go into it?

Ask yourself, “Do I want my child to be a Super Sleeper?” Imagine this scene: You lay your baby down at sleep time, happy and wide awake, and they turn their head to the side and happily choose sleep. Sound like an impossible reality? Well, not with Mantra Sleep Solutions! My sleep training methodology transcends everything that is currently available. It is not a cry-it-out method. Sleep, for most babies and toddlers, only happens after a period of rocking, nursing, singing, shushing, and crying…often becoming a multi-step bedtime routine. Babies can even cry long past any need fulfillment, because of an unnecessary perception of abandonment. As a Jedi Sleep Master (ie. Sleep Training Specialist), and through my simple methods, however, I teach babies how to build enough trust in a short amount of time, to no longer feel the need to cry! Therefore, even at as young as three months, they can learn to willingly choose to sleep at their nap time and bedtime!

Super Sleepers :

  • Choose sleep happily during nap times and night times!
  • Thrive with change as they learn the critical skills of resiliency and therefore have the ability to integrate more smoothly during travel, chang in routine, and whatever life sends their way!
  • Are calmer during the day and more well adjusted in the long run as they learn the benefits of responding vs reacting.
  • Are also happier as they are taught that just as they can “choose sleep” they can also “choose happiness”!
  • Are better behaved during the day since they learn via: Miss Megan’s Mantra Sleep Solution, that their parents; mean what they say and say what they mean! This makes daytime guidance and discipline an easier feat!
  • More than anything…Super Sleepers learn to trust sleep and their parents/caregivers in relation to sleep which eliminates night waking’s, night mares and night terrors in the long run!

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3. Life coaching~ what are the core principles you tap into:

As a Life Coach, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, and a Conscious Proactive Parenting Specialist, I have many principles that I instill in the children and parents with whom I work. Some of those core principles include teaching: presence and awareness, the ability to be responsive and not reactive, having clear intentions, harnessing your child’s curiosity, and redefining and building trust. One formative part is about becoming aware, while the other side of the same coin is about evoking willingness. I coach children of various ages (from 2-15 years old), and their parents, in realizing their power and ability to live out of their “love and light” (Authentic selves), while at the same time empowering them to be more of a contribution to themselves, their family, their community, and ultimately the world. As parents become more present with their children, and aware of what is even possible for them, it’s easy to raise the bar and hold them more accountable. Through my coaching, I am able to teach the parents simple tools, techniques and strategies for evoking responsiveness in their children. Parents begin to see past their child’s presumed limitations, and tap into whats possible. Together we generate a more powerful and fulfilled life. A life where people and circumstances are no longer barriers to a heathy, happy and connected existence; where the parents and the children are both having their needs met while growing together! With the teachings of “The Miss Megan Effect,” everyone becomes more resilient, confident and courageous—as I believe that when people are personally empowered, they become free to live generative lives…at all ages!



Miss Megan is the owner and founder of Conscious Proactive Parenting and Mantra Sleep Solutions. She is an innovator and an expert in her field. Her unique and creative methods of focusing on positive discipline and sleep training have serviced families within the greater New York City area and worldwide for years. Her web address can be seen at In fact, Miss Megan has been a Governess for over fifteen years, and has extensive experience working with children in a wide range of settings. Miss Megan is also a Montessori trained Directress, a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and successful Life Coach. Most notably, her greatest source of knowledge and expertise comes from being a working mother. She is the proud mother of a toddler, and also of a baby born in March 2015. From direct experience, she was able to utilize and integrate her strategies and methods to help improve her son’s sleeping, eating, and behavioral patterns; and now her daughter’s as well. One of Miss Megan’s greatest campaigns is knowing and teaching parents about the distinct difference between a Governess and a Nanny. Miss Megan has used her extensive knowledge to dispose of various myths and reveal the truth to the New York metropolitan families, thus enabling them to attain a higher quality of care for their children. This is one small testimony to the revolutionary change that “The Miss Megan Effect” can bring to any home, forever revitalizing and revamping parenting and childcare. 

feel free to hear Miss Megan’s recent Pod Cast, recorded LIVE, as she was recently interviewed by Bonnie D. Graham herself on Read My Lips Radio NY! The link is: