Mayor de Blasio has set a large goal to be met within ten years: computer science will be brought to all NYC public schools, and to all students. This means everyone, not just those in the “special,” charter, or magnet schools. This isn’t just more typing and web surfing. Instead, de Blasio wants all students to learn coding, robotics, web design, and more. “Computer science courses will help foster teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity,” he states. “We’re calling this program Computer Science for All: Fundamentals for Our Future because it speaks to the reality of the world we live in now. From Silicon Alley to Wall Street to the fashion runways, industries all across our city are increasingly relying on new technologies – and are in need of workers with the experience to help them achieve success.” The initiative is in effect thanks to an $81 million public/private partnership forged from the leadership of CSNYC and the generous support of the Robin Hood Foundation and the AOL Charitable Foundation with the Fund for Public Schools – and will position New York City as the largest school district in the nation to provide computer science to every student. This knowledge will give our students a chance to position their careers into more lucrative channels, knowing that they will be able to perform and master what is largely expected now with technology and computer sciences.  Please watch the video below for a better understanding of what’s happening and how meaningful it is: