(Sponsored) I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had one of my mini foodies fling their meal across the room with the grace and power of a seasoned tennis pro. I sat in awe as they refuse to discriminate catapulting even their favorite dinners. When I recently learned about Spuni, my situation seemed to make so much more sense.




Spuni is an incredible little spoon sure to please parents and babies alike. Spuni is designed by two MIT engineers and made in Germany using the same material used for pacifiers and baby bottle nipples. Not only is Spuni made with great design, but it’s also safe. “All of our materials are non-toxic and have been laboratory certified to be Phthalate, BPA, BPS and PVC free.”


Why does Spuni work? Most baby spoons are miniaturized adult spoons that are too wide and too deep for infants’ mouths causing food to accumulate at the back of the spoon and that is where all the mess comes from (for the high powered catapult in my case). To create the perfect spoon, Spuni explored hundreds of prototypes and design iterations before perfecting their patented ridge design.LUKE 2


Check out Spuni’s newest addition with carrying case here. You can also follow Spuni on Facebook and Twitter @getspuni.

Want to know what other real parents have to say about their experience with Spuni? Check out the video below!