Each week Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick of Photosanity will be sharing a photo that showcases Brooklyn/NYC life to inspire you with places to visit simply to explore the city and have fun with your kids, but that are also great photo locations. She will also include a photo tip of the week.

Image for Small Kid Big City post June 27 Spellbound Theatre Photosanity

Location: performance of Under the Tree by Spellbound Theatre at the Old Stone House in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Story: I took Liam and Jack to the last showing of this unique performance for children aged 1-5 that took place last weekend in a small tent in front of an intimate audience of 16 children and parents.

Liam, my four year old, hung out with a friend of his and both were active participants but it was particularly fun to experience the show through the eyes of Jack, my eighteen month old, who looked like he wanted to bolt at the very beginning but quickly became engaged and mesmerized by the little fabric bird he was given at the beginning, the ant, pictured here, and all of the beautiful digital animations that were projected on various surfaces of the tent.

This week’s photo tip: a puppet show or performance like this is great not just for stimulating your child’s imagination and giving them enriching experiences, but as a bonding experience for the whole family that will create great memories. If photography is allowed, capture your child’s natural reactions as well as the action on “stage.” Show them the photos afterwards as a way of talking about their experience and cementing their memories.

Under the Tree is over now but if you’re in NYC, keep an eye out for future productions from Spellbound Theatre, perfect for little ones.

And no matter where you’re located, look out for opportunities like this, especially during the summer when there are many festivals and outdoor performances that are also great photo opportunities!


Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick is a family photographer and photography coach with Photosanity. Alethea is a former architect and interior designer and Clinton Hill mom to two boys, Liam, aged four, and Jack, aged one. She’s on a mission to help parents more fully experience the precious fleeting moments of their children’s lives through photography.

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