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Girl Powered Food and Design Market Debuts

Girl Powered Food and Design Market Debuts

Malca BK will be a vendor at the market

There’s a new pop-up market coming to Brooklyn- and before you moan “another one?”- hold on! This one has a totally different mojo and has some great people behind it.

The women who created Curious Jane, a summer camp and after-school program for girls focused on design and creativity, have decided to expand their program. They took their mission of empowering girls and poured it into a market focused on original designs and fabulous food from talented local women. It’s called the Gowanus Girls Indie Design + Food Mart. Event the market’s name makes me think of a great girl band with moxie.

METALSgirl will be selling their metal jewelry

The gals at Curious Jane found the perfect spot for their market and are running it pop-up style two weekends in October with more markets coming in spring. They will have craft activities to keep your kids busy while you shop.

Super Foxy Sweets Fudge

They even have a fundraising element to give back to the revitalization of the areas surrounding the Gowanus Canal (a designated Superfund site).

Vusion Eyewear

Some of my favorite vendors that will be there:

Noha Waibsnaider, peeled snacks

Nai Wang, Vusion Eyewear

Ronnie Yoked, Malca BK

Laura Gibson, MetalsGirl

Jane Gish, Super Foxy Sweets

Eva Radke + Crew, Film Biz Recycling

Emily Isaac, Trois Pommes
See the list of VENDORS .

Trois Pommes goodies. Photo courtesy of

Gowanus Girls Indie Design + Food Mart.
October 13th (coinciding with Gowanus Open Studios) and October 27th, 12 to sunset, rain or shine.
Location: Gowanus Grove 400 Carroll Street, between Bond and Nevins. It’s an outdoor setting off of Carroll Street on the banks of the Canal. You can bike (there will be a few racks inside the Grove), drive (although parking is limited; plan on parking a few blocks away and walking over), take the train (the F or G to Carroll Street), or just stroll on over!