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Top of the Shop: Iris Lingerie and Bra Fitting

Top of the Shop: Iris Lingerie and Bra Fitting

Photo by ©Justine Cooper Photography

This is the twelfth installment of our feature called “Top of the Shop”. It’s a biweekly (well, sometimes!) look at a shop in Brooklyn. I hope that you see some new shops to visit or old shops that you might have forgotten about. Amazing photographer, Justine Cooper, took the gorgeous photos, although she is mainly known for her family portrait work. I think you will appreciate getting to see Brooklyn stores through her elegant photography. Let us know what you think.

From Justine about her newest find:

Everything I know about bras I just learned in the last day. I’ve walked past Iris Lingerie for the past 5 years and never ventured in, though I’d heard so many positive reviews about the shop and Iris, herself.

Photo by ©Justine Cooper Photography

Dubbed the Bra Doctor, the Bra Whisperer and other lofty titles, I decided to finally see Iris because I usually pick up my bras at discount chains. Here was my opportunity to find out what getting fitted for a real bra was like!

Iris- the Bra Fitter. Photo by ©Justine Cooper Photography

Iris’ small jewel of a shop is located in the lower floor of Kimera on Atlantic Ave.  With sunlight filtering onto the lavender walled room through the leaves of a big fig tree in the back courtyard, it’s like a speak-easy for lingerie. You kind of have to know where it is. Iris welcomes walk-ins, but an appointment makes the experience that much better and personalized.

Photo by ©Justine Cooper Photography

Photo by ©Justine Cooper Photography

Iris cared most about making her clients happy. She designed bras for 9 years at Le Mystere before opening Iris Lingerie, so she’s well versed in what works. It’s evident she really cares and her customers, who range from 15-90, frequently walk out with a “you just changed my life” feeling. I was no different.

I didn’t realize a bra could be such a psychological tool.

I ended up with one of her top sellers and her own favorite the Prima Donna T-shirt bra ($94) with great support, plus a good choice to have her convert to a nursing bra. I also got the Natori feathers bra, because to me it was both basic and sexy ($64).

Natori feathers bra

She keeps all her customers fittings and size on file, so the next time you come in she remembers what you liked and what worked. Though Iris points out that our bodies change through our lives (thank you motherhood), so she will fit you again.  I discovered I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size entirely!

Getting fitted by Iris.

Another great seller for her is the La Leche nursing top that works as a nightgown or outerwear ($45). She also carries Anita nursing bras, but can convert almost any bra into a nursing bra.

A customer came in who had just finished nursing and was ready for something new. As Iris says “moms need a bra for themselves and a bra for dad.”

If I was a bride this would be my first stop, even before getting the dress. However, being a mom I totally appreciated her willingness to let me bring my 2 year old. Iris put out some toys for my  daughter while I was fitted. My little one got into the mood and was waiting for her fitting too!

My top pick was the Prima Donna Symphony shown on the mannequin. Totally beautiful. (photo below)

Plus I loved what Iris was forecasting as hot for the fall – fashion underwear! It had a wonderful vintage look, but far more comfortable.

I left Iris Lingerie with some fresh figs from the courtyard tree and much better options than a fig leaf for cover.

PS Iris won’t make you throw out your old bras but if you bring in your old clean ones they donate them to on your behalf.

Iris Lingerie
Expert Bra Fitter
366 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn NY 11217 between Hoyt and Bond (located in Kimera)
Tuesday-Saturday 12-7pm and Sunday 12-6pm

Justine Cooper
, our “Top of the Shop” photographer, loves capturing babies and families so much, she made a career out of it. Originally trained as a photojournalist, she also has a Masters in Fine Art. She splits her time between creating work for galleries and shooting families in the New York area. She lives with her husband and two children in Brooklyn. Her portrait work can be seen at Justine was voted “Brooklyn’s Best Family Photographer” by Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect.