Tonya up in the Catskills

While living in Brooklyn is nothing short of awesome due to the wonderful people and amazing things to do, there are just times when you need – desperately – to get away and Calgon is NOT going to cut it. While I’d love to grab a flight to some exotic locale, my bank account and schedule refuse to allow this. So, this weekend, my family and I are doing the next best thing: heading to the Catskills.

Fresh air, hiking trails, being alone together: the Catskills has everything a stressed and busy NYC family need. Just a 2 ½  hour drive in a zipcar and you feel like you are in an entirely different place: physically, emotionally, mentally.  We could camp but, quite frankly, after backpacking around and foregoing many a shower in my early 20’s, I like the amenities that come with renting a “cabin.” I put the word in quotes because, much to my intense joy, it comes with a full kitchen (including coffee maker), 3 bedrooms, and, wait for it….CABLE! The one we usually stay at even has a pond out back and a fire pit with a picnic table and down the road is: putt putt golf, pizza joints, and ice cream parlors.

It only takes a few days to feel rejuvenated and ready to face the city again. And, while I like the option of cable, my husband and I usually end up playing games like scrabble or yahtzee. My son learns how to hike and skip rocks, and my dogs spend their free hours rolling around in actual grass.  Sure, it’s not the French Riviera, rubbing elbows with Jay-Z, or shopping on the Champs Élysées in Paris, in my opinion, it’s better!

This is the place that we stay

Making arrangements is just a click away.

A listing of available cabins, if you already know what you want:

For age appropriate places in the Catskills:

For family-oriented resorts:

This is the place we usually stay:

Disclaimer: I am in NO way affiliated with or friends with the person who owns this place. We found it by chance and have going back every year.


Trained as art historian, Tonya Vernooy has traded in her musings on biotechnology and contemporary art to focus on a more intense subject: raising her son and writing about it: She is also currently working on a series of murder mystery novels. She lives in Park Slope with 1 child, 1 husband, 2 dogs, and a cat.