Who remembers sitting around the perimeter of the McCarren Park pool watching a dance performance or concert? Fast forward to this summer when you will be sitting along the McCarren Park pool with your toes dangling in the cool water instead. Yes! This June 28th the $50 million renovation will come to a close and swimmers will be welcomed in the long-dormant pool. According to the blog, A Walk in the Park, “$50 million dollars has been spent to renovate the pool and year-round recreation center, as well as to preserve and restore the historic bathhouse building and entry arch. The new pool will accommodate 1,500 swimmers, a decrease of 700. The pool was closed in 1983 and became one of the Parks Department’s most public symbols of neglect. The city began renovating the pool in 2009. The pool was filled with water last week to run various tests. (Photos: © Geoffrey Croft/NYC Park Advocates)”

See more about the renovation and current photos on the blog A Walk in the Park,