Just tonight I found myself saying to my 5 year old son (who got out of bed for the 4th time), ” I’m sorry I got so angry, I need to take a deep breath before I react next time.” It seems that I could benefit from a new series of classes for parents based on Buddhist teachings and practices.  The series is structured in a most unusual way: you pay $90 at the beginning of the course, and you get $10 back for each of the 9 classes that you attend. So, if you are one of those people that rarely missed a day of school, this is your golden time!

Free?! What’s the catch? The instructor, Jonathan Kaplan, is developing the curriculum for publication as a book. Occasionally, you will be asked to provide confidential feedback on the course and complete a few surveys as part of your participation, too.

So, how do you get to this path of enlightenment in parenting? You will learn about the 8-Fold Path and explore its application to family life.  Each meeting will consist of a lecture, an experiential exercise or
meditation, and review of practice at home during the previous month.

Not so fast! There are a couple of requirements to be enrolled in the class. You need to  (1) have an interest in Buddhism; and (2) have maintained contemplative practice for at least two years (e.g.,
yoga, meditation, etc.).
Parenting on the Path: A Systematic Program of Study and Practice for Buddhist Parents and Families
The last Sunday of each month
7 – 9 pm
Bija Kids
900 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY.
Near the
Clinton/Washington Station on the C Line.

Class Schedule
January 29: Right View

February 26: Right Intention

March 25: Right Speech

April 29: Right Action

May 27: Right Livelihood

June 24: Right Effort

July 29: Right Concentration

< No Meeting in August >

September 30: Right Mindfulness

October 28: Right View (yes, for a second time)