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List of Parent Groups: Where to Meet New Parents in Brooklyn

List of Parent Groups: Where to Meet New Parents in Brooklyn

Warning: This article is from 2011. Most of these groups are still active, but we are working on a 2018 version – coming soon!


When I first became a new parent I didn’t realize how daunting it would be to not have any parent friends. I really didn’t know anyone that had babies in my neighborhood – meaning there was no one to talk about this new exhaustion, constant diaper changes or the ups and downs of breastfeeding – among many other exciting new moments/frustrations. After looking online, I found a moms group in Park Slope and later discovered one that was more local from my community Yahoo! listserv. Through this group, I was able to meet other parents and babies that were my daughter’s age. We would check out local sing-alongs or meet at the park and later explore the Prospect Park Zoo or meet at each others homes during the winter. Meeting new parents really helped me to connect as a new mom and share my experiences as well as allowed me to start to explore Brooklyn in a different way with my new baby. Here are some groups that meet in Brooklyn and please share information about your local community group in the comments section!

Baby Bites Brooklyn:
BBB has a group where you can connect with other Brooklyn moms. Simply sign up email us with “moms group” in the subject line and tell them your baby’s birthdate/due date and your neighborhood. They will then email you and your group as soon as they have a group formed for your baby’s age group in your neighborhood. Then its up to you and your group to pick a meeting place and time (we just set you up and then we leave the rest to you).” In addition, Baby Bites puts on luncheons, seminars and events for new and expectant moms. You can meet other moms and hear resources on topics like: sleep, potty training, sibling rivalry, how to make baby food, etc. Events are in Park Slope, BOCOCA, Fort Greene, Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, Williamsburg and Bay Ridge. Details: For additional information, please click here.

Birth Day Presence:
BDP is a childbirth education studio that features classes for women and their partners such as breastfeeding, newborn care and services like doula care. They also have weekly playgroups on Tuesdays for toddlers and various classes for babies throughout the week. If a parent groups want to meet at the studio they can reserve a block of time and it is a $5/drop-in. Details: The Birth Day Presence Studio. Pilates Garage, 291 8th Street, ground floor, between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY (Park Slope). For additional information, please email: or call (917) 751-6579. For additional information, please click here.

Brooklyn Postpartum Depression Support Group:
This peer group was started by two moms who each struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety. The group is free, meets twice monthly (usually on the second and fourth Sunday of each month), and babies are welcome to join. For additional information, please click here.

Boing Boing Maternity:
Sign up for new moms groups at Boing Boing in Park Slope. They organize it by neighborhood and month of your expected birth. Cost is $25 to sign up. Details: 204 Sixth Avenue, Brooklyn and 461 7th Avenue (between Winsdor and 16th Street). For additional information, please call (718) 398-0251 or click here.

Childbirth and Childcare Education Classes:
This not only get you thinking about your birth but you can also meet other parents whose babies will be born around the time your baby will be due. See our listings of them here. We also have reviews of them here. Brooklyn has some amazing childbirth educators- I would highly recommend one of these classes over a hospital’s courses. (Though I would definitely take a tour of the hospital beforehand if you plan to give birth there).

Families First Brooklyn:
A non-profit organization, Families First offers several parenting classes like effective eating for pregnancy, feeding your toddler and a financial seminar. They also offer a drop-in group for new mothers and parents of babies aged 0-9 months. Cost is $10 for members and $15 for nonmembers. Call for specifics. Details: 250 Baltic St (btw. Clinton and Court), Brooklyn, NY. For additional information, please call (718) 237-1862 or click here.

Gumbo features a fun collection of unique clothing, toys, and gift items for children but they are also a great place for meeting other parents. The store  hosts a breastfeeding group, new moms’ group, several classes including a tummy time class, music, African dance, crafts, infant CPR and safety as well as adult classes like Spanish and sewing. Call the store to see what’s currently available. Suggested contribution is $5. Details: 493 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, (718) 855-7808. For additional information, please click here.

Heights Pediatrics:
This New mothers Group, that gets consistently good reviews, is moderated by Katerina Silverblatt, M. D. and Barbara Ciccone, PhD is past 6 week long sessions of up to 6 moms and babies meeting once a week.  The pediatrician and psychologist cover everything from your emotional state to development of your baby.
Details: Sessions take place on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm. Call the office for schedule and reservations. (Charge: $250)

La Leche League Meetings and Breastfeeding Circles:
This is a great way to meet other moms as you bond over nursing issues and questions. You can share your stories and frustrations about breastfeeding in an open and honest forum. For additional information about class locations, please click here. is an excellent forum to find anything from book groups to craft circles in Brooklyn. It is also an easily way to join a parents group. I discovered a New Moms Support Group hosted by Baby Bites, the Brooklyn Moms Meetup Group, and specific groups like The Brooklyn Heights Work At Home Moms Group. Business-oriented Brooklyn women will really love Galconnect, a networking forum for women who are successfully balancing life, work, family and other craziness. For additional information, please click here. For the most part, the groups are free and if you don’t find what you are looking for you can always start your own group. We have our own Meetup Group, A Child Grows in Brooklyn Meetup. We just started it but we have 2 meetups coming up- one on how to start a babysitting co-op and another is a Moms Boot Camp. All free!

MOMS club: Park Slope Chapter:
The Park Slope Mom’s Club organizes activities including weekly playgroups, art groups, field trips and more. They offer activities for parents including a babysitting co-op, monthly moms’ night out and a book club. It is open to all parents but is specifically geared toward those who stay at home full or part-time with their children as most of the activities meet during the week. For additional information, please email or click here.

Music Classes:
Classes are not only fun for infants and young children but they are a great way to meet other parents as well as force you to go out! Some of our favorites include:

Park Slope Parents:
Park Slope Parents has a huge listing of parent groups in various neighborhoods in Brooklyn various neighborhood as well as throughout the city. Check out their handy guide for groups in your neighborhood as well as specialty groups such as parents of twins, parents of adopted kids and single parents.

Pomme a fashionable store for kids and their parents also offers classes like Music Together and groups for crawlers. They also have a new moms group for babies 0-8 months old. The group meets on Fridays at 4 pm. Details: Pomme, 81 Washington St, 718-855-0623. For additional information, please click here.

Still Hip:
A fun resale shop, Still Hip also hosts tons of classes in their space like Music Together, Tap and Dance and Acting. They also have an informal meet-up called “Hip Play” where kids of all ages can interact and enjoy their huge playspace. During this time, kids can enjoy their toys, music, art supplies, tables and a chalkboard as well as a microwave, chairs, access to wi-fi for the parents. HIP play is $3 per child or free with any purchase over $20. The group meets on Tuesdays at 12:30pm; Wednesday from 2:00pm – 3:45pm, Thursday at 1:30 and Friday at 12:30pm. Details: 283 Grand Ave (btw. Lafayette and Greene), Brooklyn, NY (Clinton Hill). For additional information, please call (718) 398-0008 or click here.

Tribeca Parenting:
Tribeca Parenting offers a New MOMS Series (Meeting Other Mothers) in a 6-week series where This class covers topics about your new life, developing routines, co-parenting, body issues, colic, fussiness and that big one- sleep issues. $180 for the 6 weeks.

Yahoo! Groups or Listserv’s:
You can also find a new parent group through your local neighborhood list serve. If you don’t see a group already established, simply send a quick email about yourself and your child and suggest a meeting spot in your area. You will be amazed at how many people respond! For a complete list of Brooklyn lists, please click here.