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Great stroller shade with style

Great stroller shade with style

The best part is how easy it is to use. Unlike bulkier covers, the CityShade quickly attaches to the front of the stroller’s hoods with Velcro, dropping down to provide full or partial coverage. It’s a great alternative to using a blanket, which can actually pose a safety risk. If you are thinking it’s only useful for summertime, think again: use it through the winter months as a barrier on cold, windy days and as a shield against people poking their well-intentioned but germy hands in your stroller.

What’s really fun is that the CityShade comes in a variety of great colors and patterns to match your stroller. And as a plus, it folds to the size of a CD for easy storage. It’s best suited for children under six months, although it can be used in the upright position for the strollers it’s designed for, which means you can still use it for older children when they’re sleeping. You can order the CityShade here for $69 including shipping, or buy it at Therapie New York on the Upper West Side. Also, check out CityMum’s facebook page and post about the craziest thing you’ve used to shade your stroller for a chance to win a CityShade.

Joy Ferguson has been a financial journalist for seven years in NYC and before that enjoyed traveling and living abroad. She lives in Fort Greene with her husband and two-year old son. Please contact her if you have a product you’d like reviewed.