Today I was finally able to check out Premier Pediatrics’ new location at 104-110 4th Avenue at Warren Street in Park Slope. They have been in there for only a week, so there is still some paper on the doors, but they were in full swing when I got there. With 2 waiting rooms (slotted to become separate sick and well rooms) and a heavily windowed reception area, the new place feels and is much larger.

There was a lot of discussion as to whether or not this new location would be a good move for them or not: it’s off the normal Park Slope walking route that their former 7th Avenue location enjoyed, there isn’t a parking garage nearby or a pharmacy. But, it seems the move payed off for a broader group of patients. The office may be a longer walk for Park Slope residents, but the office is closer to Fort Greene, Boerum Hill and Clinton Hill residents.  They are 3 blocks from the Atlantic Avenue subway station (2,3,4,5,B,D,M,N,Q,R) and 3 blocks from the Union Street subway station (D,M,N,R).  For DUMBO and Park Slope dwellers: from the F line, you will transfer to the R train at the 4th Avenue/9th Street subway station. And lastly, some people say the parking situation is much better for them at the new space, though there isn’t a parking garage in the building for patients.

The building they are in is a brand new apartment building. (See photo).  They are located on the 2 bottom floors and the entrance is on Warren Street. The reception area is much nicer with lots of windows, a big reception desk (with a bit of bungling with the new phones however) and 2 floors of rooms.

With their 5 physicians and long hours (9-7 M-Th and 9-4 Fri and weekend privileges for non-critical care at NY Methodist), they have always been a busy office, but waiting times are minimal, if at all.

Premier Pediatrics
Drs. Sylvain Weinberger, Barry Price, Julie Gallombardo, John Sarnoff, Dr. Deena Blanchard
263 7th Avenue, #4H ** moving in 2010
Brooklyn, New York (Park Slope)
Hosptials: NYU, Methodist

Here are some reviews of their practice by our readers:

I like Dr. Price and Dr. Sarnoff.  The office is really efficient and on-time. The office staff is friendly.

They respond immediately when we call. Last time I called with one of my disaster moments, Dr. Price empathized with my calamity parenting moment and told me I was doing just fine. It was really relieving. He is always straightforward and calming. Dr. Sarnoff is kind, thoughtful and engaged. Dr. Weinberger: jovial, extremely knowledgeable and interested. The office nurses are great: efficient, friendly and always get you in on-time. If you don’t want to do vaccinations, this probably isn’t the office for you.

This office is really efficient. They fit you in for sick visits, do the school paperwork in a timely manner and schedule appointments easily. They also run everything on computers, so records are easily obtained by everyone. Weinberger is the founder of the practice. He is avuncular and experienced. Having said that, he will not (nor will the office) allow any patients to stray from the CDC’s vaccination schedule. Dr. Price is thorough, fun, quick-talking and no-nonsense. Some people think he is too dry, but his manner works for us.  Dr. Gallombardpo (Dr. Julie) is incredibly enthusiastic about her job, extremely bright and capable. She is like a Pied Piper. Dr. Sarnoff is a deeply caring doctor who remembers you very well and is quite interactive with the children. You can tell he loves his job. I haven’t met the new doctor (Blanchard) yet.