Here is my list (that baby stores don’t want you to see)

What to get for a baby until they are 6 months old

  • For drooling/burping- 12 cloth diapers
  • For Feeding- 3 bottles (maybe a few different kinds), 1 bottle basket for dishwasher or 1 bottle drier for handwashing/boiling
  • For medical bag- hair comb, nail clippers, rectal thermometer, nasal aspirator (suggest Nosefrida), medicine dropper
  • For Bath- 2 hooded towels, 3 thin but soft washcloths, 1 baby bath tub or sling
  • For clothing- 7 onesies, 4 side-tie or side-snap shirts (kimono style), 2 sleeper sacks (people love the Miracle blanket), 2 caps for newborn (these are usually given to you for free at the hospital), 7 pairs of socks, 1 outdoor UV protected hat (if you will be in the sun), 3 muslin type swaddle blankets
  • For changing- European face ovals or squares for wiping instead of diaper wipes,1 changing pad with soft cover, changing table or dresser at correct height for changing  (yes, really- it totally saves your back), Purell handwash, Small bowl with water for wiping clean when can’t use diaper wipes for sensitive newborn skin, q-tips for cleaning belly button until umbilical cord comes out
  • For crib- 2 mattress pads, 2 crib sheets, 1 mesh bumper pad, 2 waterproof piddle pads, a couple of different brands of pacifiers

****You do NOT need to buy a stroller right away. Instead, invest in a good infant car seat (that will only last you for a year or so) and a car seat carrier.  You will have tons of time to gather information on a big stroller later.

*****You do not need to buy a baby carrier right away either. Try some out at a babywearing class first when you have your baby. Plus babywearing classes are a fun way to meet other parents. Your baby may not take to one kind or another, so wait before spending any money . You can check out our carrier reviews here and the best carrier sites here.