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Recommended Baby Toothbrushes

Recommended Baby Toothbrushes

11279_2If you are having trouble with getting your younger child to brush his
teeth (and who isn’t??), one of these toothbrushes might be great for
you. Check out this odd-looking toothbrush to the left….it is designed so
that the tiny soft silicone bristles gently clean a baby’s teeth and
gums through the natural act of biting. So smart. Birch just bites the bristles of his toothbrush- so I think this new design makes sense.  During the teething stage, the
bristles also provide a comforting massage to baby’s tender gums and it
helps reduce harmful bacteria, and removes sugars, starches, and other
foods that can cause decay of primary teeth. It won the I Parenting
Media Award and the I Parenting Hot Product Award. To get this
tootbrush from One Step Ahead- click here. 2 for $10.


The other toothbrush that might interest you is this toothbrush designed for safety. It is also an award winner. The oblong toothbrush is safe enough for babies as young as six months. 
It prevents over-insertion into the mouth and reduces risk of injury, and
it’s easy for tots to manipulate, too. To get this toothbrush from One Step Ahead- click here. 2 for $7.

Having trouble getting them to use the brush anyway? One trick we do with Birch is we sit down with him on the
floor and brush our teeth at the same time. He loves to watch my
toothpaste foam around my mouth and is fascinated with watching my hand
move the brush around. My sister’s children are 4 and 6 years and they
don’t want to brush their teeth for very long. So she tells them that
if they keep brushing they will get all the sugar bugs out. They think
that is a riotous game.