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New Baby In Town!

New Baby In Town!

Our baby finally came last week- 11 days late! After acupuncture, long walks, using the breast pump and walking stairs, labor finally started…and thankfully, it went really fast. We did most of the labor at home and then we went to the hospital and, after 1 hour, our baby girl was born. Her name is Willow. Yes, it is kindof a tree theme- I guess it’s just too bad our last name isn’t Tree or Forrest.

I have to say the experience at New York Presbyterian- Cornell Weill was unbelievable.  I couldn’t have asked for better nurses or care.  My only complaint would be that there seemed to be a lot of students in the labor room observing- (well, maybe only one or two, but it seemed like a lot at the time), but at the very end I didn’t care who was there. I would completely recommend NY Pres for birthing now- which I wouldn’t have after the birth of Birch. Things have definitely improved.  Though, for those of you who want a completely natural birth, it isn’t the best option- they still push the epidural and water breaking- you just have to be strong to avoid it.

On another note: Birch has been adjusting really well. One of the nurses at the hospital suggested this method of introducing Birch to Willow: the mother goes into the house alone and sees the toddler and greets him. Then tells him that daddy is waiting outside for the toddler and has a present for him to bring to mommy. Then the toddler and daddy bring the baby in together. (Birch yelled "Surprise!" at me when he brought Willow in to me)

This worked beautifully. In fact, Birch insisted on trying to carry Willow in by himself in the car seat. 
We did throw a "birthday party" for Birch and Willow after that. Birch blew out the candle and presented a present to Willow that he had previously wrapped. Then he received a present from Willow and another from mommy and daddy. So far, so good…..let’s cross fingers!

Here is a photo of Willow at 4 days old.

I am happily sleep deprived. Life is good!