Karen Mauersberg
Karen Mauersberg Design

Interior Designer/Organizer
with your growing family comes an overwhelming collection of clothes,
baby equipment and furniture – a challenge to anyone living in a NYC
apartment – but is on the way. Karen Mauersberg, a professional
Interior Designer & Organizer based in Clinton Hill, offers more
than a decade of experience in transforming living spaces into
functional, yet comfortable rooms. Why not bring order to your
overstuffed drawers & overfilled closets, while also adding a sense
of style to your home? To process to clear & reduce your clutter
with  begins by: Assessing the situation to determine the best strategy
specific to your needs; Implementing a plan to clear the clutter by
making use of existing dressers, closets or bins while also finding
& incorporating appropriate new additions, if needed;Providing
supportive guidance from start to finish, resulting in a cleared living
space for you and your family.

Amanda Wiss
Urban Clarity: We Help You See
Professional Organizer
We offer focus and direction to: *de-clutter to restore control over your space, time and life, *develop customized organizing solutions for any room in your home or office, *select organizing products to create sustainable systems that are right for you ,*build a serene and stress-free environment, particularly during life’s transitions like moving or having a baby. With compassion and humor we dig through closets and
files to create the space you need to achieve your goals.  We are non-judgmental, motivating and fun.

Amanda did an amazing job helping me to get our house ready for our second baby.  We had accumulated an overwhelming amount of junk – most of which was stored in really unhelpful places.  Amanda helped us to create a workable plan for where to put our kids and their clothes and us and our clothes in a house without a single closet – and without buying a lot of new pieces of furniture.  In just one day, Amanda worked incredibly hard with me to pare down our things to those items we truly needed and created more livable spaces for everyone – making me feel more prepared for the big changes to come as our family expands.  She kept me motivated and focused so that we accomplished in one day something that I thought would take weeks.  The morning after our big clean sweep, I woke up in a room that actually made me feel happier  with more space and less clutter.  This purge was one of the best, most helpful things we have done in a long time!

…..Most importantly, aside from actually getting this massive job done (a pack rat’s accumulation of 20 years of life), she’s taught me how to think about available space and possessions differently and has transmitted many sorely needed organizational skills. I have been learning how to make decisions about what I actually use/need/want versus what I just hang on to for a variety of questionable reasons.  As a result, our  home is becoming a much more functional and usable space and just feels nicer. On top of all that, it is just nice to spend time with someone who is dead smart, very sensitive, plain enjoyable to be with and has excellent judgment to boot.

Amanda has helped me so much. She has an incredible way of seeing right away how to remedy any  room, kitchen, or closet full of clutter. While we sort, purge and resort then what is truly needed, she helps with incredible insight and tips on how to manage my thinking around bringing new stuff in!