Try for additional daycares that may not end up on my list for one reason or another. My list is comprised of day cares I have heard positive feedback on.

Bay Ridge Family Day Care
424 76th St

Bay Ridge Play Place the Inc

345 91st Street

Brooklyn, NY

718- 921-3959

453 6th Ave (Park Slope)
Ages 2-9 to afterschool.  You can do part-time or full-time.
Application deadline is January.Beansprouts was founded in 1980. Our
founder, Sue Weinstein worked as the head teacher from opening day
until June 1989. Since then Sue has moved on to become the Executive
Director of Beansprouts. Caryn Klein-Cardieri joined the Beansprouts
family in September of
1985. Caryn started as a head teacher and has for the past several
years been our Educational Director, growing with us to make
Beansprouts the curriculum rich, activity filled program it is today.
Beansprouts has grown over the years in height, weight and numbers.
Our teachers guide each of our children with insight, skill and energy.
Our specially selected staff provide a caring supportive environment
that enable our children to flourish.


Park Slope Schoolhouse

556 Fifth Avenue (at 15th Street)

Brooklyn, NY 11215


Ages 1-4, Available 5 days per week



Chickpeas Preschool
211 8th Ave (at 4th Ave)
Brooklyn,NY (Park Slope)

Congregation Beth Elohim
Early Childhood Center and After School Classes

274 Garfield Place
Brooklyn, NY 11215


Located in the residential community of Park Slope, in the heart of
Brownstone Brooklyn, the Early Childhood Center enjoys an unparalleled
setting, one block west of Prospect Park.
The Early Childhood Center offers a variety programs for children birth
through five years old. The Tots Drop-in Center is open Monday through
Thursday mornings for children birth through 20 months. The Drop-in
Center is a large indoor play space with age appropriate toys and
activities coordinated by an early childhood educator.

Brooklyn Children’s Academy (not currently recommended- MAJOR complaints have been logged)
122 Pierrepont Street (between Clinton & Henry Streets)
(718) 403-9516
Brooklyn Children’s Academy is an early childhood program that prepares
children socially and cognitively for Kindergarten.  They have a
toddler and preschool curriculum which integrates literacy, math,
science, social science, music and movement, and art. Ages are from 2-5

Brooklyn Free Space
298 6th Ave (btw. 2nd and 3rd Sts)
(Park Slope)
Ages 2.5 to 5 years old.  Lottery system and returning students are pre-enrolled.  Open house in January and school tours by appointment after the open house.  This is a cooperative playschool with a hired educational director, teachers and other staff.

Celina Luna 
(Dekalb and Clermont Aves)
tel: 718-783-1536
In-home day care for children in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill area

I*really*  love the group of women who work there.  They are kind and
caring and I trust them completely.  They also give me a full update on
how my son did everytime I picked him up–exactly how much he ate and
when, if he slept, what he played with, if he cried and for how long,
If you want to replicate the
parent-child experience with one on one, this daycare is not for you.
It is a social setting and playgroup.  I like it for that reason and
like to have my baby playing with others.  If it were full-time then I
am not sure I would choose this daycare….I would choose a more
structured environment.  Celina is really flexible with times and your

Chickpeas Preschool
211 8th Ave (at 4th Ave)
Brooklyn,NY (Park Slope)

Choo Choo Train
539 Court Street (at Garnet)
Brooklyn, NY
Ages 2 years 7 months to 5 years.  Full time play and exploration program, preschool program, grassy area with gardening.

My little girl has been going to Choo Choo for over a year now. I could not recommend Ela and her school more highly. She is a wonderful, thoughtful and inspiring woman who seems to have endlessenergy and ideas. The children spend the day in a beautiful, light wooden floored space with various areas -eg. the science area (includes fish), the music area, house keeping, crafts, building blocks, library and great back yard space with grass & vegetables that the children have planted, out door toys etc. They have wonderful projects each day and come home with amazing work. Ela also organizes school trips which have included local business and artists studios etc. It’s a very international school & the children had little passports made which they got stamped every time relatives came from overseas. Some of the relatives came in with stories or food, performances etc from their homeland. The kids have a weekly yoga class and lots of local people and parents to come in and tell the children about what they do. I feel so thankful that I found her & don’t really want to send my child to school next year- how can anything compare?!

This daycare has got to be one of Brooklyn’s best-kept secrets. It is aesthetically beautiful and serene. Even the class pictures are done with an artistic flair. The owner, Ela, is engaging and committed. The rooms are perfect for little ones to explore and discover activities and to interact with eachother.

Dorothy Child Caring
Cobble Hill
Ages 12 months and up.  Opening a new location in CG soon. Full-time and part-time.
“Family style child care service is ready to take care of your child as a licensed family day care provider. I live in neighborhood. I have been studying child development and I am a certified daycare provider. I have been working with the kids for the 8 past years. I have a daycare – child-proofed place with a large back yard. I have a large range of stimulating, safe and fun toys.”

I know Dorothy’s daycare very well. She has
been working for me for a couple of years…and my daughter is still with
her for a little part-time.
My daughter really loves this place. Every time she goes there with a BIG SMILE on her face….and sometimes she doesn’t want to come back home:) I am not surprised – she is doing a lot of interesting and very funny things there ( music, dance, gymnastic, crafts, painting and more and more…..)  Dorothy is really great with the kids – she is a very warm, lovely person with tons of patience and ideas. She is interested in pirates, cars, dinosaurs….and also she is able to organize great doll picnics:) Dorothy is very experienced professional and organized. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!

Eladia’s Kids

272 Flatbush Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11217


additional location:
147 5th Avenue

Ages 6 months to 4.5 years

We have had a great experience with Eladia’s.  Our son has gone to her Flatbush Avenue location for a year now – he started when he turned one in the junior nursery (6 months – 2 years olds) and now he has “graduated” to the senior nursery (2 – 4 year olds). Eladia is actively involved in running the Flatbush Avenue location and her daughter, Diana, runs the 5th Avenue location.  They and their head teachers (certified pre-school teachers) are great with us and our son.  They give us the time we need at drop-off and pick-up to communicate anything about our son, his needs or the things he did each day.  The caregivers have been great too.  Some of them work part-time because they are also in early childhood development college programs.  Others are high school graduates working there full time.  They are all very hands-on with the kids; there’s no sitting back in a chair talking on cell phones.  Though Eladia struggled with staff turnover at Flatbush this Spring, and some families chose to leave, we have always felt confident that our son is getting the very best care.They have a schedule for the day – free play, circle time, snack, activities, lunch, nap, afternoon activity, snack and then free play.  They do lots of crafts, coloring, books, singing, tumbling – and they get to the park 2-3 days per week weather permitting. In both the junior and senior nursery they have had themes for a month or week (colors, letters, seasons) and they run activities around that theme.  Regularly, our son comes home saying new words he’s learned there or singing new songs – most recently singing the whole alphabet at the top of his lungs to anyone who will listen. Eladia and her staff do a great job of creating a safe, caring and fun environment for our son – where he is learning so much every day.  We’re really pleased to have found them!

Hanson Place Child Development Center
55 Hanson Place (btw Ft. Greene & S. Elliot Place)

Hanover Place Child Care 
15 Hanover Place

Brooklyn, NY 11201


Ages 6 weeks to 6 years.
Full time or part time enrollment.  Hours from 8am-7pm.  Can work with special needs with OT, PT and Speech on site.

Honeydew Drop


277 14th Street (Park Slope)

Brooklyn, NY 11215

10 months to 3 years old.

1113 Church Ave (btw Stratford and Westminster)
Brooklyn, NY 11218

For ages 2-5 years old

107 President Street (btw Hicks and Columbia)
(Carroll Gardens)
Brooklyn, NY 11231


335 Prospect Ave (btw. 6th ad 7th Aves)
Daycare, drop off services in Carroll Gardens and Park Slope. For ages
10 months to 6 years. They provide meals, curriculum, indoor and
outdoor play areas.  They have full-time, part-time or 3 hour time

Hugs Day School
763 President Street

Imagine Early Learning Center
50 Monroe Place
Brooklyn,  NY 11201 (Brooklyn Heights)
accept infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers. They operate 52 weeks a
year, Monday-Friday 7:45 am to 6 pm for full-time or part-time.  They
have 5 classrooms in a landmark building. They have an indoor gym and
outdoor play area.

Irving Place Child Development Centre
81-87 Irving Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238
718 783 0179

Before I decided to put my daughter who is 2 years old, into Irving Place Child Development Centre I had toured a couple of other daycares, some very nice but either too far or too expensive or a bit of both. Irving was the first one that I visited and when I walked in I found the staff very friendly, very clear about the program and very caring about the kids.The director, Mrs Johnson, is not just sitting at her desk, she actually knows all the kids and really gets involved in the life of the daycare. You always meet her helping the staff. The children there all looked happy and my daughter had no problem finding her place in the group. The children are divided by age into two different places and they also have an outdoor space. What was also a good point for me is that they provide food that is cooked on the premises, they also offer breakfast when the children arrive before 9am, all the meals are very well balanced. Irving might not be one of these fancy places where they have teachers coming from outside for a dance or music class but in the end this is not what I was looking for. My daughter is having fun and she’s happy to go and play with her friends.They offer a part time and a full time program and pricewise I found them very competitive. The hours are from 8am to 6pm.

I have to RAVE about Irving Place. My 2 year olds are attending it. The staff is AMAZING. My daughters love it AND it’s reasonably priced. The kids get breakfast, lunch, a nap and snack. I know a lot of parents are looking for options and are kept at bay by $$ and waiting lists. You won’t be disappointed!

Kidville Annex
808 Union St (corner of 7th Ave)
Park Slope, Brooklyn
smaller outpost of its Manhattan sisters opens fall of 2007. They offer
Little Maestros, KVNY tumblers, pre-nursery program, and a pre-school
alternative. Cooking classes and more!

Maya’s Family Day Care
Smith and 9th St
Carroll Gardens
917-673-5695 or 347-581-1891
Maya and Kate take children from 6 weeks and older.  Maya is from Eastern Europe, has 2 sons and runs the daycare out of her home in Carroll Gardens.  She graduated from Penn Foster School (Day Care Management) and has 5 years experience in family day care.

Melissa’s Play School
448 11 Street (btw. 6th and 7th Aves)
Brooklyn, NY (Park Slope)
This is a home based play school out of Melissa’s home.  Ages 2-5 years with 2 adults.  Days run from 9am-2 pm

My Babies Footprints Child Care
Joan Hallet, owner
395 Clinton Ave #4D (btw. Gates and Greene Aves)
Brooklyn, NY (Clinton Hill)

The owner of this daycare contacted me to see if I would list her. So, as always, I go to visit before I list a place (unless it has already been recommended from parents). My Babies Footprints is run out of her home which is in a large apartment building in Clinton Hill. One small bedroom is especially prepared for the children with rubber mats, chairs, fish tank, chairs, television with DVD player and books and puzzles.  The rest of the apartment has children’s artwork hanging on the walls. The living room is mainly still for the family living there as is the kitchen.  When I did look in the kitchen, it was stacked with snacks for the children: cheese balls and other sorts that seemed unhealthy to me.  Joan has handpicked her daycare providers (there were 3 there when I came by for about 9 children) as she is there for the latter half of the day as she works elsewhere. She is interested in promoting learning during the daycare hours: she expects them to learn their colors and ABC’s by 2 years old.  She has a tight schedule made out for the daycare workers so that they follow her lead and vision for the program. Prices were quite fair. She accepts 12 children for 3 caregivers, sometimes 4 caregivers.  The care is from 8 am-6 pm.

Office of Children and Family Services
of regulated child care providers in New York State. (most of the ones
I looked up were small home daycares I didn’t know about). Also, it
allows you to look up state regulated daycares that have violations.

Our Saviours Lutheran Church
414 80th Street
(Bay Ridge)

Parkers Place
428 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Parker’s Place provides children with the tools needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.  Not only will they learn letters and numbers, Parker’s Place teaches respect, compassion and empowers children to make good decisions and socialize in a classroom environment.Day is from 9am-4 pm. Ages are 2-4 years old. The curriculum at Parker’s Place includes art, crafts, music, reading, storytelling, imaginative play, yoga, dance,  gardening, sign language, foreign language, nutrition and academic education.  Age appropriate writing and math  skills as well as lessons focusing on geography, seasons and animals are taught in a creative and progressive way. Socialization skills are an integral party of all lessons; properly preparing students for a classroom environment.

I visited Parker’s Place before it “opened” and briefly met the head teacher. She explained that they were already booked! The place was adorable: aestheically pleasing with nice materials and cheery yellow walls. They had some problems getting permits (oh, that Department of Buildings!) but seem to be in full swing now.

Prospect Academy Group Family Day Care
724 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Prospect academy is an offshoot or prospect heights daycare- where our daughter went for several years.  She had a terrific experience there and was overprepared for Pre-K.  It’s a montessori based school.  As I remember it-
8:00-8:30 home cooked breakast- (eggs, french toast, pancakes, fruit etc

8:30-9:00 a little bit of free play

9:00 color, numbers, reading, etc- some kind of teacher centered activity

10:00 center time
etc etc- broken down like that but very focused.
The two sisters who ran it parted ways and one of those sisters, Stacy, has started it back up. She is very loving and fun. 


Purple Peacock Nursery School
An imaginative new nursery school will be opening its doors in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn
in September. The school will be located on the garden floor of a
brownstone with full access to the backyard. This school will be unlike
any other you have encountered on this side of town. Our approach is
that of one where we will take your child back to the basics. Your
child will be encouraged to use their own imaginations, not press a
button on an electronic toy and have the toy do the thinking for
them.  Read further for a sampling of some of the features of the
school…10 students total, ages 1-4 years, 7:30 am-6:30 pm. Opening
September 2008, will be in a brownstone on Halsey Street.

Prospect Kids Academy

2 locations:
Park Slope

341 Prospect Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Prospect Heights
532 St. John’s Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238

PKA is a teacher-owned preschool that is NY State Licensed
Certified. Serves ages 2-6 years old. The school is NY State Licensed
Certified.  “Our goals for our students are that they be open-minded
and compassionate, gain a sense of themselves and others, understand
and appreciate the diversity of the human condition and develop a love
for learning.” New facilities at the PH location with 11 foot ceilings
and central air.

Prospect Park YMCA Early Childhood Center
357 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY (Park Slope)

Red Hook Playgroup
183 Richards Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Red Hook Playgroup is a not-for-profit, community based, parent run
cooperative preschool serving Red Hook Brooklyn and the surrounding
neighborhoods. Through a child centered curriculum the
children’s natural love of learning and creating is fostered. The
program is open to children ages 2.5 to 4 years of age. The program
operates Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm. We offer 2, 3, 4 and 5 day
schedule options. Drop off is between 8:15 am and 9 am and pickup
between 3:30 pm and 4 pm.  They requite a two day a week minimum
commitment. They do not offer half-days, but do offer an adjustment
period for children who need it.

Smart Start Early Childhood

8411 Fort Hamilton Parkway

Brooklyn, NY
11209 (Bay Ridge)
(718) 921-1868
(718) 921-6713
Smart Start is a child-centered learn through play preschool. Our goal
is to meet the needs of the whole child. Your child’s cognitive,
social, emotional, and physical development is considered when
developing a learning program for your child. A developmentally
appropriate curriculum encourages success for all children. Starts at age 2 to K. Available for full or half days.

St John’s Kidz

34 St Johns Place (between 5th and 6th Ave)

Brooklyn, NY 11217

718 789-0008

They offer full time and part time (1/2 day twice a week, or 1/2 day three times a week, or 1/2 day five
times a week) childcare.

Tiny Steps Daycare

2 locations
4th Ave between Carroll and President

St Marks Ave at Carlton

347-323-0882- Lena

917-324-1536- Marta

Ages 6 months on.

Tiny Tots Playhouse
243 88th St
Brooklyn, NY 11209 (
Bay Ridge)
Play-based with some structure. 32 students. Extended day hours are from 8am to 6 pm. Ages from 2.5 years and up.

Treasure Island
405 81st Street

Brooklyn, NY
(Bay Ridge)
718-238-7676 or 238-7950
80 students. Begins at age 2. Our program is designed to empower children and create a love for
learning. The program is designed to build upon children’s natural
curiosity about the world. The children are provided with opportunities
to learn more about themselves, their peers and the world through play
and activities that promote exploration and self-discovery. The program
empowers children to develop a unique sense of self, build
self-confidence and motivate children’s passion for learning.

TriloK Preschool
130 South Oxford Street, Suite 2B
Brooklyn, NY 11217 (Fort Greene)

I wanted to let you know about an upstart school age 2+ in Fort Greene
called TRILOK PRE SCHOOL in the ground floor of a brownstone. It’s run
by these two wonderful women, one with degrees in dance, theater, arts
and another with degrees in art and education. It has a peaceful,
sharing explorative philosophy. With a max class size of 5-8 and an
additional helper. My son has been going for two months and has already
gone to see a puppet show, the zoo, the botanical gardens, a
traditional indian dance performance. He learns new words in different
languages every day and plays and plays in a creative loving
environment. They take care of nap time on these adorable naps, you
provide lunch, and they serve it at these adorable little tables. There
is a small backyard with a play thingie (slide, etc.) I just love them.
AND the price is right. It’s a very special place.